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What happens if you masturbate too much?

What happens if you masturbate too much? Posted on 23 May 20181 Comment

Masturbation is part of the sexual life of men. Not only does masturbation give pleasure but it also helps boost immunity and improves mood. It also helps to reduce stress. It’s a sure way to have an orgasm without the risks associated with STDs and the fear of putting a pregnant girl. Now, although there is no problem with masturbation, you have to be careful not to overdo it. This can cause health concerns and there may be psychological implications.

The effects of chronic masturbation can cause a lack of motivation at work, influence social life and destroy relationships. And besides, men feel guilty. The feeling of guilt is the same as that of people who have done something they are ashamed of and regret.

How do we know if we are suffering from chronic masturbation?

Jerking off regularly is not bad. Unless you start feeling guilty about doing it or doing it to escape reality. The following signs can be considered as alarming signs of your addiction to masturbation.

  • The person masturbates only to escape the reality and fight his anxiety.
  • Masturbation causes guilt
  • When we do not have time to honor our social obligations because of the time spent wanking.
  • Feel an immense need to masturbate permanently
  • Injures, causes injuries to the skin of the penis by rubbing

The negative effects of chronic masturbation

As there is no standard in terms of frequency of masturbation, the negative effects are not the same in everyone. There are negative effects that are supposed and that are surely caused by an excess of masturbation.

  • Lack of sexual appetite: Those who masturbate often do so because they are not even motivated to go out and see the real world or even find a partner. Years of continuous masturbation have led to their minds being satisfied with that, rather than finding a partner that would give them even more pleasure. It is better to avoid relying too much on your one hand.
  • A state of continuous excitement: When one is used to masturbating a lot, one has trained one’s mind to self-stimulate. We get excited by thinking and we end up finding more stuff that allow us to be excited. We end up being excited constantly or all the time thinking about sex.
  • An addiction to porn: Pornography is an industry worth billions, it’s proof that everyone loves it. But the problem is that those who masturbate too often, we get used to get excited quickly and have become used to watching porn movies when they masturbate. But the side effect is addiction to porn. It means you can not be excited or have an erection without porn.
  • Pain in the penis: Of course masturbation is considered the safest sexual act since it is you who control and you do not come into contact with anyone, so you will have no STD. By cons, too much masturbating, you can cause damage to the skin of the penis. So you have to think about lubricating the penis. Also watch out for penis breaks that can cause a curvature in the penis.
  • Depression: What is odd with depression is that it is both a cause and a consequence of chronic masturbation. People who are depressed and alone, tend to masturbate often, in order to feel this moment of enjoyment, this feeling of liberating euphoria. But after this very short moment, they feel guilty and fall even more into depression. Instead of escaping the depression, they fall in as in a trap.

When can we consider that we masturbate too much?

People often think they have a problem. Quickly, they think they masturbate too frequently. But in reality, it’s not really about how many times a day you do it. It’s more about whether your daily life is disrupted by your masturbation sessions. You can masturbate several times a day, as long as you keep working, do not always think about sex and do not give up on having real partners. Continue to have a normal life and then you can continue to masturbate as many times as you wish.

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