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Vimax review and test: hard erections, bigger penis, libido boost

Vimax review and test: hard erections, bigger penis, libido boost Posted on 13 May 2018Leave a comment

Vimax is one of the best known male enhancement products. With VigRX Plus and Viaman Plus, this brand is often the favorite brand of men. That’s why we have even ranked it in the top 3 best products to have very hard erections. Vimax is composed of plants that also stimulate penis enlargement improves erectile function. In addition, it has an effect on endurance and sexual abilities. Most of the time, other brands advise you to swallow a lot of pills to feel an effect, here with Vimax, this is not the case. It helps to relieve your body and drown in products. Just take one pill of Vimax a day.

Here we will tell you everything about these pills. How to take them? Where to find them? What are the positive effects and precautions to take? And most importantly, I will tell you my experience as a consumer of Vimax. I will give you my opinion and explain my routine with the product, so that you can enjoy the same results as me.

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Why is Vimax so popular?

It really became fashionable to worry about erection problems, which is why many brands have emerged. Vimax responds to this problem by offering an efficient and reliable solution. If the Vimax brand ranks among the best products for men’s sexual health, it is thanks to its results. The men test a first time, then they do not change brand since they are satisfied.

What is Vimax for?

Many active ingredients are present in the Vimax manufacturing formula:

  • Vimax helps to enlarge your penis
  • The product improves the quality of your erections
  • Increases the intensity of orgasms
  • Helps delay ejaculation and prevents premature ejaculation
  • Lets have erections at the right time
  • Vimax stimulates the blood circulation, which allows the penis to bend very hard and ensures an orgasmic experience during sex.
  • Vimax helps the cavernous body of the penis to gorge itself with blood.

My experience with Vimax

I will give you my opinion on Vimax and I will detail my experience with the product. I used Vimax and found many changes on my body. I did a cure of 6 months and I am proud to be able to share with you my results. I recommend this product to all men who suffer from erection problems or who find their penis too small. Before using Vimax, my erections were soft and did not last long. I did not have enough blood circulating in my genitals. But today, it’s over. I have very hard erections and they last a long time. I can say that I am satisfied with my sex life.

After using Vimax for 6 months, accompanied by a penis exercise program (which is provided in the box), here are the results observed:

  • I have erections that last longer
  • I have no problem to have erections
  • The orgasms are more intense
  • My penis grew by 2.5 centimeters
  • I noticed that my penis was wider than 2 cm in circumference

⇒ If you want to know the same experience, I really advise you to buy Vimax!

How did I test the effectiveness of Vimax?

commentaires avis sur vimaxI will be honest, I am not a doctor and I do not work in the medical field. So my test and the results I have felt are all based on my observation and personal experience. I was told to take 2 pills a day (that was before Vimax increased its dose per pill, today a pill is enough). I swallowed a pill on waking and another 30 minutes before having sex.

To be sure to keep accurate notes throughout the experience, I used to write down and comment on my erections and sexual intercourse, holding a chart. I evaluated the quality of my erections and my feelings before, during and after my sexual intercourse.

I also decided to note the length of my penis and update the info every month, so in a few months I was able to see the evolution of the size of my penis. Then you have to know that I followed penis stretching exercises that can be found on the internet, but also in the manual that is in the box.

Reasons to choose Vimax

Why choose Vimax? As there are many products on the market, there is a good chance of being wrong and choosing the wrong brand. I hope my story and experience will give you a clear idea of ​​what you can expect from Vimax.

I chose Vimax because it is a brand that we hear a lot about and I read recommendations on the Internet. In addition, 100% of the ingredients are natural and contain no chemicals, which is perfect because I have multiple allergies.

Results after one month

My notes

After a cure of one month of Vimax, I am already happy with the results. I feel that my sexual desire has increased dramatically. My partner does not know that I am taking Vimax, because I started the cure a few days before meeting her. But she noticed that I improved over the days. When I asked her what she found that had changed, she told me that she thought I had a lot more energy than at first.

The results

At the beginning of the cure, the results were great. But my erection problems persisted. I know that fortunately it should be finished after two months. There is no change in length of my penis but I noticed a gain in width. If I had to write my first month of treatment, I would give 3 stars. I now have frequent erections with some problems all the same. Before trying Vimax I had a hard time getting erections that reach maximum size and I had trouble managing or maintaining them. My erections do not last long and I hope to improve it.

Results after two months

My notes

Here I am, a month later. I arrive with my grades and results after two months of experience. I was able to get correct erections after the first month but it was still difficult to keep the erection during sex. That’s the past. Now my erections are hard as stone and I can stay hard for 20 minutes, which facilitates sex. My partner is happy and me too. If I’m happy it’s because it’s great to have a fulfilling sex life. I never want to know the anxiety I had before trying Vimax.

The results

That’s it, I see the first signs of enlargement of the penis. The improvement of the thickness is obvious. Measuring, I discovered that my penis had gained 2 centimeters in circumference and an extra centimeter in length. I give 4 stars to the product, after 2 months of experience.

Results after 3 months

My notes

An extra month has passed and I think I know all the benefits of the product. And I feel all the benefits of sex enhancement pills. I am stunned by the results. I no longer have problems with my erections and my sex is ideal.

The results

I have no worries of impotence and I hold my erections for a very long time, it is a new and pleasant sensation for me. The orgasms are intense and my penis is 1 centimeter longer. I give Vimax 5 stars at this point.

Results after 4 months

My notes

Wow, how the time flies. I am two-thirds of my experience and the results are incredible. I have no complaints because I have hard erections, and that’s all I wanted!

The results

The long duration of erections is incredible. Erections are powerful and so hard. Orgasms are even better, which I did not think I could. My penis, however, did not grow anymore. I am always 1 centimeter longer and 2 centimeters more in circumference.

Results after 5 and 6 months

My notes

Not always easy to keep notes, especially since now my results are permanent. But I’m going to catch up with you by giving you my great results for this end of experiment.

Final result of the 6-month course

Honestly, today I almost forgot that I had problems with impotence before trying Vimax. In addition I gained a lot of confidence because my erections are not only more frequent, but also they are very hard. I know I have a penis so much harder than those of other men who do not know these pills. And especially, at the end of the course of 6 months, I finally gained 2.5 centimeters in length and 2 centimeters in circumference. My final result: 5 stars!

⇒ If you want to know the same experience, I really advise you to buy Vimax!

If you want to compare with another brand of pills, we suggest you read our article on VigRX Plus, the “best product to improve sexual performance”.

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