The ultimate penis enlargement techniques: the best methods

Penis enlargement is a topic of interest to men. Who are the ones who can really say they are happy with the size of their penis? Despite the fact that this issue is of concern to many men, this remains a taboo subject. It is already a good thing that you have undertaken research on the subject. You are already a step closer to the goal than other men who do not dare to do research or who do not have enough courage to undertake the enlargement of their penis.

This page shows all the methods of penis enlargement that exist. There are some that we prefer to others, but here we will talk about each of these methods, so that you have a global idea of ​​all the possibilities that exist.

As this is a general page, with lots of information, some details may not be included. We will guide you each time and we will advise you to click on a link in case you are interested in furthering the subject or knowing details on one or the other method.

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Why do you want to have a big penis?

An article has been written that contains a whole list of reasons why men want to have a big penis. In short, most of these reasons are the ego or the desire to improve one’s sexual performance. We live in a society of the image. We pay attention to what we reflect as an image, what we think of ourselves. All of this affects us personally and plays on our trust in us. To improve one’s self-confidence one wants to be perfect, one wants to be considered perfect, as good lovers or as a manly man.

It is normal to want to have a big penis …

We reassure you right away, all men want to have a bigger penis, whether at rest or erection. As we just said, it’s a way to boost your ego, and thus to regain self-confidence. You may want to have a big penis to fully satisfy your partner or to feel more manly with other men. It’s frustrating to know that your penis is too small for a one-night stand, too small for women and ridiculous for your mates in the locker room and in the shower.

Is my penis too small?

méthode pour mesurer son pénisAll men have ever wondered the question one day when the other to know if they had a small penis or if their penis was of average size. We advise you to read our article on the average size of the penis in the world. Not only will you know all the dimensions at rest, erection, ethnicity or country. But in addition you will learn how to properly measure the penis soft and erect.

Once you know how to measure your penis and obtain a measure that has scientific value, you can compare it to that of other men.

To summarize this article, we can say that the average size is around 16 centimeters erect. This means that if you are below, you are smaller than average. This is not alarming in itself. You are still able to achieve many positions and enjoy a woman. If you are under 13 centimeters, it starts to get worrying.

But soon, all of this will be behind you!

How to have a big penis

No matter how you tell us, we receive many messages that say, “I want a big cock,” “how to have a big dick”, “I want to enlarge my little dick”. All these requests will finally be realized, because you will quickly discover that there are several reliable methods and not so complicated as that to enlarge his sex.

Just want to change. Just choose the method you prefer. And soon, it will be a worry less in your head. You will not have to worry about your penis because it will be as you wish.

Are you ready to change? Are you ready to have between your legs the tail of your dreams?
This is the first method of penis enlargement.

1. Penis Extenders to enlarge the penis

The penis extender is the safest and most effective method for enlarging the penis. The results are permanent, although it is necessary to wait a little while before admiring the result. However, in one year, if you follow all the recommendations, you can expect an enlargement of 28% of your size. How do the extensors work? Why does it work and what brands of expanders to choose? Here is the general information about the extensors.

⇒ The brand of penis expanders that we recommend: Jes Extender (Ideal to start!)

The list of articles and following pages will allow you to know more about the extensors, their price, the different models, the opinions of the men who bought one.

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How do penis extenders work?

What results can we expect with a penis extender?

There is what sellers and reality announce … But what is reassuring is that behind the promises of the sellers of penis expanders, everything is not just marketing. Indeed, a medical study on penis extenders found that they worked. An Italian urologist brought together 15 men who carried a penis extender for several hours a day, for 6 months, and the results are worthwhile. The men who took the test could see a lengthening of the penis of 2.3 centimeters just soft. And if the size is measured by stretching the penis, the results can go up to 11 centimeters. This very serious study was carried out at the University Hospital of Turin and published in the Journal of Urology Medicine.

Since no words are worth an image, we have produced an exclusive and rare file on the Internet. We found a young man who agreed to document his experience. For us, he tested a penis extender for 6 months and took a picture. Thanks to his photos and his figures, we can see the results of Jes Extender, in photo. Male Edge is a famous brand of penis extensors. This is the one Romain chose to conduct his review.

What are the disadvantages of penis enlargers?

The main disadvantage is patience. As the studies and our personal experience show, you have to wait 6 months to have a big penis with a stent. It is true that there are already conclusive results from the first weeks, but all the same, it is necessary to be persevering. The other disadvantage of the expanders is that it is a bulky device. And as the third disadvantage is that you have to wear it a long time a day, it does not help. Ideally, the stent should even be worn at work. But everything is fine. As soon as we realize the results, we are motivated and we do everything to keep it going. Sometimes you just have to wear a little more loose pants. Finally, the last point that demotivates men to buy a stent is its price. It is true that the extensors are a little expensive, but it must be seen as an investment. It must be said that this investment can finally put an end to years of frustration.

2. Penis pumps to enlarge the penis

Penis pumps are one of our favorite methods to enlarge your penis. Why ? Because it’s safe and safe. No prescription, no products to swallow and more, it gives pleasure.

There are two types of vacuum pumps: air pumps and water pumps. Water pumps are a new generation of pumps, which operate more or less like conventional pumps, except that it is the expulsion of water that creates the suction effect. We have a full page that talks about penis pumps, the operation of vacuum pumps and compares models.

How do penis pumps work?

meilleure pompe à pénisWe will quickly summarize what you need to know about penis pumps. Just put his penis in a cylinder to which is attached a pump. While pumping, you expel the air out of the cylinder and the vacuum causes the forced swelling of the penis. This is why penis pumps find their place in the enlargement category of the penis, but also the category that speaks of impotence. Indeed, the pump makes it possible to make erections very hard and instantaneous. Erections are immediate, compared to other methods. But this page is dedicated to penis enlargement, so let’s talk about penis size.

⇒ The brand of penis pump that we recommend: Bathmate Hercules (Ideal to start!)

In fact, it is the microlesions that allow the enlargement of the penis. When the pump is empty, the penis is “forced” to inflate to occupy the vacuum space. This means that the blood is sinking in the cavernous body but also in the veins and blood vessels. If you attach an elastic band to the base of the penis, the blood remains stuck in the penis and large veins will appear. The abnormal influx of blood causes small lesions, when these lesions heal, new cells must be created. It is these extra cells that make the penis grow.

The different types of vacuum pumps to enlarge the penis

achete bathmate herculesThere are air pumps and water pumps. The principle is the same. The vacuum of water or air in the cylinder causes the swelling of the penis. Water pumps are marketed by the Bathmate brand.

If you are interested in vacuum pumps, we suggest you Handsome Up. This is the ideal brand to start with a good air pump.

If you are interested in water pumps, we advise you to buy Bathmate Hercules. There are two other models, Bathmate Hydromax and Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme. If you’re getting the Hercules model first, it’s because it’s the entry-level model of the brand and perfect for beginners. We also received the very encouraging testimony of Ellis, a young man who agreed to test Bathmate and film his progress. Discover the gain in centimeters, which he has seen thanks to the before-and-after photos of the Bathmate penis pump.

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3. Creams to enlarge the penis

The most popular cream to enlarge his penis is MaxSize. The MaxSize cream works by sending active ingredients that make the penis grow.

We advise you to read our review on MaxSize Cream.

4. Surgery to enlarge the penis

Penile surgery called penoplasty or phalloplasty is an effective method to gain a few inches. Nevertheless, this method remains a hard test to pass … and iron. Indeed, everything you have endured to gain a few millimeters, will be relive 3 or 4 years later. And yes, the body can not cheat with genetics and gradually absorbs the fat used to inflate your penis.

We have written several articles on the subject, we advise you to read them if you consider the penoplasty as a solution to enlarge your penis.

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Nevertheless, we will give you the outline regarding the penoplasty.

There are two types of penis enlargement surgery. In reality, there is enlargement and enlargement. The two operations are different, although they are often performed at the same time because the men who have the courage to take the plunge, want to kill two birds with one stone.

The operation to get a longer penis

phalloplastie schéma opération explicationsThis operation is performed for men who want to gain one centimeter, two centimeters or three at most. It consists in cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis and placing a very small prosthesis. What we do not often tell you is that although effective, the length will vary only when soft. Indeed, the suspensory ligament is a ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone. As the name suggests, it is he who serves to maintain the penis near the pubis. If you cut the ligament, the rod will hang lower. Although the results vary from person to person, this ligament is relatively small, so the angle of the penis will not change much and you can expect a gain of one to two centimeters.

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Why is the penis elongation only effective on flaccid penis? It’s simple when you know a little about the anatomy of the penis. We explained that this ligament was used to hold the penis against the bone and once cut, the penis hangs a little lower. But in erection, the penis does not hang! At most, if you stand with an erection, the penis will no longer stand at a right angle, but could point its glans down. But in this posture your penis will not really look bigger. And if you are lying, this severing of the ligament has no effect on the size since the penis does not hang down.

This operation is irreversible! Once the ligament is severed, the penis will hang down for life.

The operation to get a thicker penis

The penis thickening operation is a little more delicate. It allows patients to gain inches in circumference. For the penis to be bigger, the surgeon inflates the penis with fat. In reality, the erectile bodies and the organ itself is not enlarged or modified. The fat is injected under the skin. It floats under the skin and forms a layer of fat around the penis. This fat had first to be removed from fat areas such as the buttocks or the inner thighs.

This operation is not final! The body has the ability to absorb fat, especially when they sleep where they should not. It takes a few weeks or even a few months before the fat is distributed correctly, then, after 3 years, the fat is absorbed by the body.

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Conclusions on penis enlargement methods

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