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“I wish I could straighten my bent penis”: Solution to reduce the curve of the penis

“I wish I could straighten my bent penis”: Solution to reduce the curve of the penis Posted on 20 August 2018Leave a comment

We received this message from Vincent, a reader of the blog. He has a problem that many men have. He is very hung up by the shape of his penis that he doesn’t like because of its curve. Fortunately, Vincent, we have a solution for you!

Pénis courbé redresser courbure
Message sent from Vincent in French

First of all, thank you for being an avid reader of our blog. You did well, because you will know everything about men’s health and the intimate problems that men can face.

How to straighten a curved penis?

We understood that you were hung up by the shape of your penis. You have the penis bent and maybe it prevents you from performing some sexual positions during the act. We advise you especially the position of the spoon if you have the penis very curved.

You say, “I have the penis slightly curved to the right. It’s something that I always have been ashamed of. I would like to straighten my curved penis.”  You did well to come to talk to us about it because it is possible to correct the curve of the penis. It takes time, you also need patience but you can reduce the penis curvature with a penis extender.

Why correct the curvature of the penis with a penis extender?

Penis Extenders are a bit constraining because it takes up space and it can be a little scary the first time. Of course, their use is safe! So, do not be afraid. Then even the urologists advise the use of penis extenders. It is a method that is used to enlarge his penis, but also to change its shape. Moreover, people who suffer from Peyronie’s disease use penis expanders to straighten their penis. In their case, the penis is squarely bent at right angles. So for you it should work too.

We advise you to buy a extender of the brand Jes Extender. It is the best known and oldest brand on the market. Jes Extender serves to gain centimeters but also to correct the shape of the penis, as is your case.

We hope that the penis extender will help you. We know that it takes a little courage to get started, but you will not regret it! Do not hesitate to send us an email again to give us your news!

Buy here a penis extender to correct the curve of your penis!

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