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Having a small penis can be a cause of infertility according to scientists!

Having a small penis can be a cause of infertility according to scientists! Posted on 12 October 2018Leave a comment

Readers of this blog know it, we are not used to lie or to say things ambiguously. We are not like the majority of all those sites that tell men penis size does not matter, that the most important thing is how to use it, that if your partner loves you she does not look at the size of your penis. No, we’ve always told you about the biological reasons why penis size matters, you’ve also told you what women think about penis size and of course, you’ve been told that size matters, at least to you because it can be a source of anxiety.

Mainstream media finally say that penis size matters

But today, even mainstream press finally admits that size matters and we can read “Yes, the size of your penis matters” (Huffington Post). “Why the size of the penis matters according to scientists” (France Soir), “Sorry gentlemen … the penis size is ultimately important” (Sudinfo). All these catchy titles from reputable and serious newspapers, prove that many men are interested in the question because even this kind of websites speak about it.

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Not only men with a small penis are embarrassed but they are also more likely to be infertile

Penis size has an influence on fertility

This time, it’s not about shame and embrassement but about scientific facts. A team of scientists from the University of Utah, led by Dr. Austen Slade, has made a chocking discovery for men who have a small penis. Fertility rate would be lower for men who have a small penis!

The average penis size of the 815 men who participated in the study was 13.4 cm. If we isolate the men in this group who have fertility problems, we notice that the average size of their penis is only 12.5 centimeters. Apparently, men who have fertility problems have a smaller penis of about 1 cm. These results were presented at a fertility conference in Denver.

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Read also this very detailed article: How to improve the health of your sperm and increase your chances of conceiving!

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