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Scientific study reveals serious complications of penoplasty

Scientific study reveals serious complications of penoplasty Posted on 3 December 20181 Comment

A new American scientific study (link here, attention, very shocking medical images) reveals all the dangers that men can face if they want to try penoplasty to enlarge their penis. Wanting to have a big penis is quite normal. On the other hand, putting your life in danger for that, is totally inconsiderate. Still, many men who are tempted by cosmetic surgery end up jumping on the run. The study conducted by California scientists reveals the dangers and complications of penis enlargement surgery.

A lot of men want to try surgery to enlarge their penis

The penis pump is a great way to enlarge his penis, but it takes time … Same for the penis extender, which is the only way guaranteed by scientists to straighten the penis or lengthen it …. But here too, you have to have the time. Some try the Maxsize cream to enlarge the penis, and then there are those who think that an operation of cosmetic surgery is the most radical way to proceed to finally have the penis of their dream. This idea is false, since the most frequent operation, which consists of injecting fat under the skin of the penis, is not final.

What are the complications of penoplasty?

We have already written an article on the dangers and complications of penoplasty. As a reminder, the most common side effects are irregularities in the shape of the penis and temporary unsecured result. This time, we’re going to report on the study done by scientists at the University of California who followed 11 men who had penile enlargement surgery. The men were 47 years old on average, the youngest was 21 years old and the oldest 77 years old. Most of these men had silicone injected into the penis, while others injected their own fat.

“Penile enlargement surgeries are often touted as safe and at minimal risk, yet we have seen that the risks are significant,” they write in their report. They cite the example of this 48-year-old man who had a huge and swollen penis, “which looked like a potato”. To save his penis, it had to be cut under the glans and peel the skin to the base, like a banana, in order to extract the injected fat. Then, they unrolled the skin and put back in place, closing the skin under the glans. This patient suffered an infection after the operation.

Infections, nodules, gangrenes … have been observed

The first thing this study presents, is the fact that the majority of men who have a penoplasty have a normal sized penis at the beginning. They actually suffer from dysmorphophobia. That is, they perceive their bodies wrongly in relation to reality. The table below lists the 11 patients, their age, the type of operation they were undergoing, the complications they had and the final result. Among the complications, there is the appearance of nodules, deformities, gangrene of the skin. It is downright narrowing of the penis in some or the appearance of a curve to the penis. Not to mention abscesses, infections, ulcers and oozing veins.

danger complications opérations du pénis
All complications observed after penoplasty

Scientific and medical source (Attention, very shocking images!)

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