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Review Bathmate penis pump: results, before-after pictures, videos, prices

Review Bathmate penis pump: results, before-after pictures, videos, prices Posted on 16 July 20182 Comments

Bathmate is known as one of the most effective products for growing the penis and making it bigger. We have already written a lot of articles about it, as well as about penis enlargement, in general. But this time, we offer you a very complete article on Bathmate penis pumps. We wanted this article very complete so that you realize what works and does not work. And as the best way to know what are the results that can be expected from a penis pump is to try, we suggest you here to follow in pictures and video the evolution of the expansion of Ellis.

Ellis performed a penis enlargement test using a hydraulic penis pump. You will see how a water penis pump works, and how many centimeters it is possible to gain with this method. For those who are more tempted by the penis extensors, there was also a great exclusive article, with a young man who agreed to take photos for 6 months with a penis extender.

acheteur test consommateur meilleure pompe à pénis
Ellis discovers the penis pump and will try the model Bathmate Hydomax V30 transparent

Bathmate test for 6 weeks

We suggested you to follow Ellis’ journey with him. Attention, this article contains nudity and penis pictures. NSFW.

Thank you to Ellis for agreeing to use Bathmate for 6 weeks. We are looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the trial period. Ellis is a young man who has nothing to do with the firm Bathmate and he carried out this test completely independently. In England, he is a little famous because he participated in a TV show. It’s even more courageous to dare to do that and document it with as much precision and detail.

What motivated Ellis is the desire to have a bigger penis in the shower because he is at the army and sees dozens of naked pals around him very frequently. Beginning his daily training with Bathmate, he hopes to become a shower and a grower, at the same time.

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How to use Bathmate?

Before using the penis pump for the first time, Ellis described a little bit the product. The pump arrives in neutral packaging so that nobody knows what it is. When we open it, we find the tube, which is the pump itself. It comes with a flexible ruler to measure results in length and circumference. It is recommended to use Bathmate for 15 minutes every day. This does not mean that you have to keep the pump on the penis for a quarter of an hour. This is the total time during which one deals with his penis with Bathamte. So, for example, we put the pump around the penis, pump, wait 5 minutes. We remove, we do some massages and stretching, and we start again. And all this operation must last in 15 minutes.

Fill the clear plastic cylinder with water and place the penis in the cylinder. Water does not run on the sides, thanks to the rubber surround. Then press the valve at the end and a little water is expelled from the cylinder. As water is expelled, there is a suction effect that is produced on the penis.

Penis measurements before using Bathmate for the first time

Let’s go ! Ellis will embark on this experiment and will measure her penis for the first time for us. He measures his penis with the rule provided by Bathmate and discovers that he has a 10 cm soft penis. It is in the average soft penis size. But he would like to have a big flaccid penis to be able to boast of his penis in front of his friends and not to be ashamed in showers common to the army.

  • Soft penis size: 10 centimeters
  • Soft penis circumference: 8.5 centimeters
mesure règle pénis étiré au repos
Penis measurements before using Bathmate for the first time

Then Ellis took a shower and used the penis pump for the first time. First, he noticed that the feeling was very pleasant and did not hurt at all. He repeated this routine 3 times, so that it’s a 15-minute session. Put the penis in the cylinder, fill with water, pump, keep the penis sucked into the tube for a few minutes. Remove the pump, massage the penis and stretch it, then start again.

Note that he has used the classic model Bathmate Hydromax X30 transparent. Bathmate exists with a red, transparent or blue cylinder. The Hydromax model is the classic model of the brand, and X30 is the size. With the size X30, the penis can go up to 20 cm. With size X40, the maximum penis size is 23 cm.

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Results after the first use of Bathmate

  • Soft penis size: 11, 6 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 10.3 cm

Of course, the penis is bigger when you first use it. This is normal, it is a little congested by the influx of blood in the penis and stretching. It’s still a good sign, but it’s better to wait a little longer to actually talk about real effects.

expérience pompe à pénis
Here are the results, the first day, after the first use, so with his penis stretched and heated

Results after 2 weeks of use

Ellis has been using the Bathmate penis pump for over a week now. He is right in his second week, when he shared his results.

End of week 1:

  • Soft penis size: 10, 6 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 9.9 cm
gros pénis au repos shower grower bathmate
In one week, Ellis found a gain of 0.6 centimeters when soft

As you can see, these cold results are lower than the warm measurements, which he had taken right out of the shower, after the first use. We imagined that it was not comparable. By cons, what can be compared is the cold size at the end of the first week and the cold one of the very first time, before use. Initially, he was 10 cm soft, and in one week he was 10.6 cm. The circumference was 8.5 cm, it is now 9.9 cm.

essai bathmate hydromax X30End of week 2:

  • Soft penis size: 10, 9 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 10.4 cm
comparaison pénis au repos bathmate militaire
In two weeks, it has almost gained 1 cm!

Results after 3 weeks of use

Ellis’ results after 3 weeks of use, at half his experience.

colis discret bathmate neutreEnd of week 3:

  • Soft penis size: 11.2 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 10.1 cm

We note that the circumference did not gain much. It even slightly but it is probably because of differences in temperature and flaccidity when taking measurements.

Note that the results just after the Bathmate session of 15 minutes in the shower, the results are impressive. Obviously, these results are made hot, after stretching, but still. It is now 11.7 cm in length and 10.9 cm in circumference. It’s more than one centimeter more than when he measured his tail after the first use.

End of week 3 (after use):

  • Soft penis size: 11.7 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 10.9 cm

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Results after 4 weeks of use
At the end of the fourth week, Ellis feels a big difference. As you can see in the picture, he also bought a strap to hold the tube fixed, without having to hold it. It is much more easier.

sangle bathmate
Ellis now uses a strap to hold the penis pump while taking a shower

review pompe pour pénis après plusieurs semainesEnd of week 4:

  • Soft penis size: 11.7 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 10.5 cm

End of week 4 (after use):

  • Soft penis size: 12.6 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 11.4 cm
comparer pénis au repos
Comparison of his penis before use and after using 4 weeks of Bathmate

Results after 5 weeks of use

That’s it, we’re nearing the end of the experience. Ellis has just finished her fifth week of using Bathmate Hydromax. He has again very good results, because this time, his penis begins to gain inches even cold, before using the pump. It means that the results become permanent and are no longer related to its use which has inflated the penis.

bahtmate mesure gain réelEnd of week 5:

  • Soft penis size: 12.4 cm
  • Resting penis circumference: 10.9 cm

End of week 5 (after use):

  • Soft penis size: 13.8 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 11.8 cm

Bathmate Hydromax final results after 6 weeks

In two and a half months, Ellis has gained precious centimeters. It’s time for the checkup to find out what is the current size of his penis. He measured one last time for us his penis, before starting a new session for several weeks, this time buying Bathmate Hydomax Xtreme. It’s the same penis pump but it has extra accessories and a pump at the end of the valve. The pressure is also higher.

mesurer pénis après hydromaxEnd of week 6:

  • Soft penis size: 13.1 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 11.2 cm

End of week 5 (after use):

  • Soft penis size: 14.5 cm
  • Soft penis circumference: 12.4 cm

He now has a big and long penis, in just 6 weeks of use. Of course, 14.5 centimeters is the hot measure, that is, after use. But it is simple to obtain such a measure even without using it. You just have to shoot it quietly in the shower and that’s fine. So, it’s up to you to see if you prefer to take into account the measurement when cold or hot. To be 100% honest we will even base ourselves on cold results, since there is no cheating. And already nothing like that, it’s impressive.

il montre son pénis au repos
He gained more than 3 cm in length in just 6 weeks

Remember, Ellis had a 10 centimeters soft penis and 8.5 centimeters in circumference. He now has a penis 13.1 cm and 11.2 cm in circumference. It represents a gain of 3.1 centimeters in 6 weeks. Imagine what it can do after 3 or 4 months. In circumference, he gained 2.7 centimeters. And if we take the hot measures, after use and stretching.

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Here is the video that proves Ellis’ testimony with his measurements at the beginning and 6 weeks later.

There is no telling, Bathmate works. It is recalled that Ellis is totally independent and was honest in her opinion. Like him, we hope that you can share your opinion with us and send us photos of your result, because we are really impressed.

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