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List of reasons why men want to have a big penis!

List of reasons why men want to have a big penis! Posted on 3 May 20183 Comments

raisons pour avoir un gros pénis

What kind of man are you in this picture?

We will discuss the different types of guys that exist and the differences in men’s reactions to the size of their penis. Everyone does not react the same way.

There are men who are obsessed with the size of their penis, others who are happy or frustrated, and then there are those who are indifferent.

Let’s start by talking about those who do not care about the size of their penis.

Why a man wouldn’t care about the size of his penis?

  • This man does not intend to use his penis.
  • This man is too busy. He has other priorities in mind than the size of his sex.
  • This man is in a relationship with someone who does not care. So, it does not matter.
  • It’s cultural, it does not matter!

Well, let’s say points 2 and 4 are reasons we can understand. These are radical reasons that are difficult to discuss.

Let’s talk about normal guys who think from time to time about the size of their penis

What are the reasons why these men would care about their size?

The media and the world of entertainment and entertainment, which make us understand that size matters.

Men tend to feel some sort of anxiety about the size of their penis.

Men may think that women value size, but they never dare to approach the issue with them.

Some men worry about where they are compared to other men (like in the locker room). They do not want to be less well hung than others. On this subject, we advise you to read our article on penis shower or grower).

And now let’s talk about other reasons, even more important and deeper than the previous ones.

pourquoi agrandir sa teub

Serious and deep reasons why men care about the size of their penis

  • The guy is a porn actor (and he must have a big penis for his job).
  • He is in a relationship with a woman (or a man) for whom height is important and who wants to have a larger than average tail.
  • He has an inferiority complex and he wants a big penis just to have a little one.
  • He wants to have a big penis to make love even more intensely.
  • He has little confidence in him. Some guys think that the only way to regain self-confidence is to have a big one.

In reality, men are a bit of a mix of all these reasons. Some reasons are a bit more extreme than others. You will notice, however, that the important reasons for men to worry about their height is greater than the list of those who care little.

So, what are the legitimate reasons ?

To better understand the reasons that seem legitimate, we went to meet Sébastien. His case corresponded almost to all the categories mentioned just before.

“Let’s start in high school. At the time I did not care so much, or even, not at all. In fact, throughout my schooling, although I was still a virgin, I felt pretty comfortable with girls. “

Sebastien’s concerns came to the university. “I was overwhelmed. And I worked really hard. I studied day and night, even on weekends. I had almost no social life but I knew that all the harm I gave myself was going to serve me for my future life. But it was then that I started to develop a certain apprehension of finding myself among people. Above all, I started to be stressed in the presence of girls. And obviously, the more girls I liked and the more I was anxious.”

This anxiety came from his lack of social contacts. Then he lost confidence in himself and thought about everything that was wrong with him, especially the size of his sex. “There were times when I only thought about it. I told myself that my penis was too small. I was nice or even attractive, I knew I was not going to interest girls because I had a small penis. “

Despite his anxiety and fear on this subject, he did nothing to change. “I continue my story by spending a few years at the university. I graduated, I enter the workforce and my problem of nervousness with girls has not improved. I even developed an erectile problem because of my addiction to porn. I had reached a point where I was fixing on the size of my sex.”

It was then that Sebastien finally had the courage to do something for his penis. “I took the necessary time and with great effort, I followed the penis enlargement exercises. I gained in width and length. I will not say it was the simplest thing I had to do. But I did it. “

And what happened after? “It may surprise you … First, I must say that I was much less concerned when I made love. I knew my height was great now because I had received compliments. However, I lacked practice. I’m still working on it right now, because I’m still a bit clumsy. Obviously the biggest change in me was my confidence.”

“It was not just confidence in bed. Even when I had to speak in public, I was less anxious. To talk to my boss was less stressful. Dragging a few girls I met seemed simpler. I must admit that very beautiful girls always stress me a little. But it’s not because I’m ashamed of my penis. “

“This boost of confidence has been huge for me. I think that increasing the size of my penis has allowed me to move forward and overcome many things. This gave me confidence in all tests. Maybe you are like me … “

Ask yourself: “Why does the size of my penis matter to me? “

Take a step back. Look at yourself in the mirror. Be yourself and be honest with who you are and how you feel. For a minute, set aside the desire to know what others think of you.

After this moment of introspection, I can assure you that you will do what is necessary to move forward. Even if the solution you chose is not to enlarge your penis, at least you will have advanced.

Otherwise, discover the methods to enlarge the penis!