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Peyronie’s disease: causes, prevention, treatment, reduce penile curvature

Peyronie’s disease: causes, prevention, treatment, reduce penile curvature Posted on 9 August 20181 Comment

The Peyronie’s Disease is a penile disorder, first described by Louis XV’s surgeon, François de La Peyronie. This disease has been known for many centuries, unfortunately we do not always know its exact causes. It can be very disabling for men who suffer from it, since it is a sclerosis of the corpora cavernosa, resulting in a deviation or curvature of the erect penis.

What to do when La Peyronie’s disease starts? What are the symptoms ? Can we mitigate it? What solution to straighten the penis? Is there a cure for Peronia’s disease?

We tell you everything!

What is Peyronie’s disease?

If you have always had the penis bent, it is unlikely that you are suffering from the disease. It only means that you naturally have a penis shape that is curved. Nevertheless, you may have been suffering from the disease almost forever, as rare cases occur as early as adolescence. In principle, the disease is caught in the fifties, most often between 53 and 55 years.

If the deviation of your penis is too extreme, it may be best to consult a doctor. Either it is the Peyronie’s disease or a malformation.

Most of the time, it’s easy to diagnose Peyronie’s disease yourself. The most frequent cases are presented in the same way. In a few weeks or months, men realize that their penis is bending more and more. If it is normal that the shape of your penis changes slightly over the years, it is not normal that a curvature so marked is suddenly present. If you feel that the part in the curvature is harder to touch, then there is no doubt you suffer from Le Peyronie’s disease.

What the Peyronie’s disease syptoms and what are the causes?

The causes of the disease are not known exactly, although microtrauma in the penis may cause the disease to develop. These micro-traumas can be caused by over-use of the penis during intercourse or by masturbating too much. Nevertheless, all men who have microtrauma do not report the disease.

At first, some cases experience intense pain in the penis. Some say they have not felt anything. Moreover, if the first stage is pain, it decreases over time, then disappears in 6 to 8 months. It is a fibrosis that develops as an envelope around the cavernous body. But after 6 to 8 months, as fibrosis is fully established, the inflammation is gone and the pain is gone.

Sclerosis hardens the cavernous bodies and causes tension on the tissues, causing a deviation of the penis.

Who is likely to have Peyronie’s disease?

Surprisingly, statistics indicate that two-thirds of men with the disease are of European type and are of the A + blood group. The numbers also indicate that 3 to 9% of men will have this disease, even without knowing it. Some scleroses are so small that they do not result in significant changes in the shape of the penis, and therefore, these older men will not even notice that they have the disease.

On the other hand, 10% of men who have Peyronie’s disease developed a deforming deformity.

Most often, the curvature is on the dorsal part of the penis, that is to say that the penis is bent towards the belly. Rarely the curve makes the penis bent down. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the curve to produce a curved penis to the left or to the right. Sclerosis causes a reduction in elasticity and makes hard parts of the corpora cavernosa, but these sclerotic plates do not always appear in the same place. If the plates appear in the middle of the penis but all around the circumference, then the penis takes on an hourglass shape. This has the same effect as a corset.

How to treat Peyronie’s disease?

Unfortunately, at present, there is still no miracle cure. It is a disease for which it is recommended to approach an additive approach. That is to say, it is better to try several treatments and methods at once, because none of the solutions bring a miracle and immediate result.

It is best to treat Peyronie’s disease early in the first stage. Do not wait until the fibrous plates are fully installed to act. Urologists say that rapid treatment already helps to limit the damage and stabilize the course of the disease.

  • Penile Extenders
pénis tordu maladie
The penis extender is effective in reducing the penis curve

As recalled by the AFU (French Association of Urology), penile extensors are among the most common solutions for treating Peyronie’s disease. The only drawback is the impractical side of the penis extender. It should be worn for 3 hours a day for at least 6 months to reduce the curvature of the penis. Nevertheless, the AFU indicates that 60% of patients have noticed a significant improvement.

Buy here Jes Extender, the brand that invented the penis extender and is still the most sold in the world.

  • Iontophoresis and ultrasound

A little more barbaric, the iontophoresis is to pass substances in the fibrous zone, using a low amperage electric current. Ultrasound is also sometimes used. Both methods have a mixed effect, but they can help stabilize or stabilize the disorder so that it does not worsen.

  • Medication

Sometimes doctors may prescribe Pentoxifylline or another drug that has a vasodilator effect on the penis. Again, this is not a miracle cure and must be paired with other methods. Some men also start a vitamin E cure in parallel. Again, no study proves its effectiveness.

maladie de lapeyronie
Injections to be made in the penis to straighten the sick penis

The only medicine that has just been released in France is Xiapex. This new American drug has a direct effect on plaque by dissolving collagen fibers. Two injections are required three days apart and four cycles three months apart. At present, this treatment is not reimbursed by Social Security. This treatment makes it possible to gain 15 to 20 degrees of curvature, but once more, it is effective by adopting an additive method. It is therefore necessary to couple this treatment with the application of a penis extender preferably.

  • Surgery

A surgical procedure that involves straightening the penis is cavernoplasty, using the intervention method of Nesbit. Another procedure is to remove the hardened plaque and replace it with a venous or prosthetic graft. And finally, the third operation is to place a penile implant.

How to live with Peyronie’s disease?

After the first stage which is painful, the disease is not dangerous to health and is not fatal. Once the pain stage of the first few months has passed, men with Peyronie’s disease must learn to live with it, or try a treatment or wear a penis extender.

The disease is especially debilitating, because it is not easy to make love when you have a penis that is twisted. In general, men who have an active sex life and who suffer from the disease must adopt specific positions. It is best to do the scissors when you want to make love with Peyronie’s disease.

In the most extreme cases, the doctor can opt for a course of Androcur, an anti-erection treatment. It is sometimes mandatory to prevent erections that could cause ruptures of the corpora cavernosa. In this case, the voluntary impotence of the patient is provoked.

For the least handicapping cases, Peyronie’s disease remains a real source of complexes. Many men are complexed by the curved penis.

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