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Does penis size matter to women? A woman’s opinion on the subject

Does penis size matter to women? A woman’s opinion on the subject Posted on 3 May 2018

Does the size of the penis matter to women? Here is the answer. If you ask women for advice on the subject, they will often tell you that size does not matter. But this answer is not usually 100% honest. In fact, they are embarrassed to answer or simply do not want to embarrass men or make them complex. In addition, we can not say that size does not really matter. Indeed, if your sex is 16, 17 or 18 centimeters, it is normal that they will say that one or the other size does not matter. We never have more penises in front of us to compare. And we can not really feel the difference in size between these three penises, once in us. I will give you the honest point of view of a woman on the subject. I am a woman who wants to help men feel comfortable with their penis, and my intention is not to humiliate men with small penises.

Thank you for inviting me here to express myself.

A woman lies if she says that size does not matter

As I told you in the introduction. Size does not matter for all women, from the moment they are with a man who has an average sized penis. But if they fall on a man who has a penis a little smaller than average, it starts to cause problems. I will be honest with you, and the truth may hurt, but if you have a penis below average, women will tell you that size matters! To put it simply, there are certain positions that are simply impossible to achieve. The penis will not stop coming out of the vagina and it’s a real kills love. It will not end up bothering us. Me, when it happens to me, I just want to stop.

“It would be a lie to tell you that size does not matter. When I go out with a guy for the first time, I sometimes think about the size of what he has in the pants (because, yes, I think of this detail rather quickly). I usually have a good guy, with a penis of 18 centimeters or more. In fact, I hope to find a guy with a big cock.”

– Laura, 30 years old.

If women say that size does not matter, it’s because they fall on guys who have medium-sized tails or a little bigger. In this case, they will say that size does not matter, unless the penis is really big, but it is very rare.

femme compare la taille de la queueI think penises above the normal size are better. And by the way, it does not have to be huge. The best sex I had was with men who had penises just above average. In this case, it’s perfect because you can do any sexual position. And you know that you will feel everything perfectly. In addition, these men feel better about themselves and it feels, because they know they can make us enjoy.

Moreover, all studies go in this direction. There is a study that has shown that large penises make it easier for women to reach an orgasm. And there is a second study that found that the ideal penis size for women was slightly above average.

Of course, you will read different opinions here and there, but one thing is certain, having a big penis makes things easier. It takes less effort, less stamina to satisfy your partner and both of you will have more fun.

So yes, you will find some girls who will tell you that they swear “do not worry about the size”, but I think they are mostly trying to be nice and not to appear focused on the thing. Often, to justify themselves, these girls will say that the most important thing is to use them. They are not wrong on that, but that’s not everything.

The inevitable limits for men who have a penis 10 cm or less

This is where it will hurt some of you who are going to read this. Below 10 cm, I swear that no matter how you use it, there will be a lot of sexual things you will never be able to do.

For example, taking a doggy style is almost impossible if you have a sex too small. Yet this is one of the favorite positions of men. So it’s very frustrating.

For men who have a sex of average size, from 13 to 15 centimeters, you have the choice between several classic positions to satisfy us. Surely a lot of women will be satisfied with what you have. But you will still have to be a good shot all the time, to fill some small gaps.

If the world is filled with men with medium-sized penises, being normal is not enough.

While men with small penises can do anything they want to satisfy us, they will not succeed. And that the guys with the average penis are trying to give the best they have, men with big penises come to them, to touch the point G each time.

This means that some women may be satisfied with an average penis, but most will still prefer a big penis and there are good reasons for that.

Why women prefer big penises:

  • Sexual intercourse does more good with a well-hung guy. What’s great about sex is that you always get better. We think to have lived the part of legs in the air the best of our life, then when we come across a guy even better hung, we say we found even better.
  • No need to be content with odd positions. When you’re in bed with a guy who has an XL dick, we can adopt hot and sexy positions, without having to contort in the uncomfortable positions imposed by small cocks. In addition, the big caliber touch our G point each time, thanks to their big shots of kidneys.

If you are in a relationship, the size can possibly count

As we have already said here and in other articles, the size of the sex counts especially during shots of a night or when you start a relation. If you are already in a relationship, your girlfriend or girlfriend is likely to be satisfied with you, otherwise she would not have stayed with you. As she loves you, that’s what matters to her.

But, there are exceptions to everything. There are cases where the girlfriend finds the size important. And little by little, she tries either to approach the subject, or on the contrary, to deviate. And you feel a malaise settles. In this case, maybe you should think of one or the other way to enlarge your penis. There is no fear to have, I will give you the solution I know.

If you are looking for an attractive girlfriend, size matters

Believe me, I’m a girl, I know what I’m saying. Sexy or attractive girls have the choice of guys with whom they want to sleep or go out. There is therefore a competition between men and the size of the penis is a criterion like any other. This criterion is particularly important if this girl wants to have fun.

Having a big penis helps boost your confidence, so the girls feel it. In addition, once they have tested sex with a well-hung guy, they call him back to start over again. Why not start a relationship of sex friends or regular lovers?

The size makes you different from other guys.

After all, sexy girls do not run the streets. Cute, sexy, attractive girls know they are beautiful. No matter what you tell them to flirt with, they already know it. It will therefore be necessary to show you a little more competitor and show that you want some. How can you believe that you will be able to sleep with a cute girl if you do not have another thing that will make her choose you rather than another? If you believe that, you are wrong. You will never be able to fuck that kind of girl.

So you see, the size of the penis counts to 100%.

We must stop believing that life is a Hollywood film, a beautiful woman who falls in love with a common man.

“Yes, the size of the dick counts. Whenever I hear a woman say the opposite, I roll my eyes “

– Pauline, 35 years old

les femmes aiment les grosses bites pour les plans culs

If you are looking for an ass plan, the size of the penis counts more than anything

Guys looking for ass shots, have the same desire as all other guys: find girls cannon to fuck. But this desire makes your situation even more worrying. Obviously, all the girls looking for one-night shots want to come across a guy with a big cock.

I have friends who like to bang guys they find cute, and when they tell me what happened in bed, they were very disappointed. All their desire fell suddenly when they discovered that the guy was not particularly well hung.

Finally, it seems logical in fact. It seems so normal to me that writing it seems useless. Once who has all the choice of guys she wants, will choose among them the one who has the best package. Only girls who have little success will be content with guys who have small tails.

If you come across a girl that you like a lot, and that luckily size matters for her, then of course, size will count for you too.

Of course, in a relationship, there are millions of things bigger than that. So if you could find a solution that allows you to no longer worry about this problem. As there is a solution, it should soon be a problem that will be behind you. For example, if your conquest is important for you to be tall, there is a problem, because you can not make sure you measure 2 meters. While gaining inches in the penis, it is possible.

Does size matter to you?

Although what matters to you most is what girls think, do not hide your face, it matters for you too. Already because it could help you to gain confidence in yourself. Then, if you want to become a good shot and feel intense sensations, then it’s important for you. And if you have bothered to read everything so far and have come across this page, it means that it counts for you …

Of course, if size does not matter for you and it does not matter for your partner, then all the better … but there is little chance.

You answered your own question: yes, penis size matters to you

The best way to put an end to this problem is simple, just make sure to have a big penis and you will not have to worry about this issue anymore. Why not have a bigger penis, while it is enough that variables are required: the first is to want it, the second is to know if it is possible.

For the second point, you know that it is possible, since we talk about it everywhere on this site.

For the first point, it depends on you.

My deepest conviction as an experienced woman is that every man has the urge to enlarge his penis or feel the sensation of having a large penis.

What is the purpose of not wanting to improve?

The size of a normal penis is about 16 centimeters and if you are a few millimeters below, many women will say nothing. But, if they are honest, that does not prevent them from thinking that one or two, even three centimeters more, would not be refused.

Any man is able to enlarge his penis by at least 4 or 5 centimeters during the course of his life. So this is a goal that can be achieved and deserves to fight for that. It’s hard to even try to understand why you would not do it.

It is thanks to this big penis that you will have less competition with the other men and that you will be able to make you stand out from the others. Lots of men are lazy and they do not even bother to improve on the subject. Well … so much the better … let the others be idle.

This is a fact in your favor. Because if others do not make efforts to gain inches, you can make this effort and you will be the only one to have managed to enlarge your penis. This is clearly one more reason to do it!

By taking into account all that has been said so far, all this proves that size matters. Knowing that it is possible to enlarge his penis, it will be more and more difficult for you not to start putting yourself in it.

If you do not want to bother to improve, it’s too bad for you!

What is said here can apply to all men who have a minimum motivation and who are willing to work a little to get there.

It does not matter if your thing is swimming, science, sports. If you want something and there is a possibility that you will succeed in having it, then why not do the only step that would allow you to get there.

If you are a guy with real motivation, who is tempted to improve, then you have no reason not to do it.

To deny this possibility is to deny the only little effort that must be made to be a real man.

Why give up, when there are no reasons?

Why are you continuing to worry? Why do you go through life with frustrations and cravings when there are no reasons? Do not you have other things to do? What is undeniable is that it is simply easier to live when you have a big penis.

Having a big cock is a worthwhile quest: it’s a relief for the rest of your life

When you train and you do muscu or sport, you get to increase your muscles. But the result is only the time you play sports. If you stop for two or three months, you lose the whole result.

This is absolutely not the case with penis enlargements. Once you have gained length, it’s forever!

So once you reach the desired size, you will never have to worry about the size of your penis. So this difficult passage you live in your life, you will never have to think about it again, or go through it.

Fortunately, it’s something you can keep for yourself. Nobody needs to know that you are expanding your sex. No need to share this with others. Not only because it’s unobtrusive and nobody asks you to say it, but keep it for yourself! No need for others to gain inches. It will allow you to stay on top of others.

Everyone has big dreams, but not everyone is ready to be at the top of the pack. You have to work with what you already have in your hands and think about what you can achieve. You have to use the tools you have.

There are already so many things in life that are unachievable and disappointing. So at least you have to change at best the things that are possible to be improved. In this case, enlarge his penis is quite simple. So, the best thing to do is get started and achieve the goals you dream of. Are you done with an apology? To postpone everything? To lament your fate? To tell you “why I was not born in another body”? All of this is negative, because in reality you can have the penis you dream of. Make a little effort and you will see that you will eventually take control of things.

We exceeded the desire to have a big penis. Of course, it’s easy to tell yourself that you will be able to enjoy a woman, to give her her best orgasm. And by the way, you’ll have a new, much more powerful feel, but these are not the only things that matter.

Improving all that in your life will allow you to move forward. You will gain confidence in yourself with everything you have achieved.

When you are more sexually confident, you are much more confident about everything else in life. You will feel like another man, like an alpha male.

To succeed in gaining centimeters, there are penis extenders. It’s safe, effective, proven. It takes a few weeks, sometimes a few months of work, but the extra centimeters are worth it.