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Why is the penis smaller in winter? It’s NOT a myth, the penis shrinks with the cold

Why is the penis smaller in winter? It’s NOT a myth, the penis shrinks with the cold Posted on 8 October 2018Leave a comment

Unfortunately, winter is not the ideal season for men and their penis. Unlike the summer, in the winter the penis can be 50% smaller and the orgasms more difficult to reach. We already explained to you why the heat wave enlarges the penis, here is why the winter penis is smaller than the summer penis. Is it possible to become a good lover even in winter?

Vasoconstriction shrivels the penis

vasoconstriction pénis plus petit
Blood vessels tighten with cold, it’s vasoconstriction

You may have already noticed that when you came out of a cold bath or a swim at sea, your sex was shriveled and curled up. It is the cold that causes this reaction. The blood vessels shrink, this is called vasoconstriction, the opposite of vasodilatation. “Men can expect to see their penis decrease by 50% in length and 20 to 30% in width” says Annabelle Knight, an expert on sexual issues. In fact, the body is programmed to keep warmth and energy. Therefore, by tightening the blood vessels, the body prevents the blood from circulating too freely in less useful areas and it has the defense mechanism to favor the influx of blood to the vital organs.

How to avoid erection problems related to cold?

Avoiding blood circulation throughout the body allows it to cool less, but you can see the effect in appendages and extremities, such as fingers and toes. That’s why these parts are always the coldest. But obviously, the penis and the testicles are in the same case. Also, the cold can anesthetize the skin a little and decrease the sensitivity of certain areas to stimulate. Cold, on the other hand, stimulates a contraction activity of the smooth muscles found in the penis. These muscles are around the blood vessels that normally gorge with blood to cause erection. This has the consequence that erections can be less intense.

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honte petit pénis
The size of the penis in winter can be embarrassing and we are ashamed of its size

Orgasm is delayed because of the cold

Men also noted that the orgasm was longer to reach. In addition to physiological reasons, it may seem silly, but it is true, but distraction delays orgasm. Some are so absorbed by the surrounding elements as the temperature of the room, they are distracted and are less successful in bed. Men who are normally shower may be able to cope, but those who are grower will have a penis even smaller than usual and it can be really embarrassing.

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