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Penis enlargement with extenders: should I do it and which one to choose?

Penis enlargement with extenders: should I do it and which one to choose? Posted on 26 April 2018Leave a comment

More and more men resort to penoplasty. This is an operation of the penis that allows to lengthen the penis by a few centimeters. But the results are especially visible when the penis is at rest. This operation is also very expensive and dangerous. Therefore, we recommend another penis enlargement method, which requires no operation and can be done at home.

Is it normal to want to have a big sex?

It is especially necessary that the men learn to be uninhibited. Wanting a bigger penis is quite normal. We are influenced by the porn movies that are more and more present in our lives. We know that women are watching more and more. And we are in a society where we learn that we must always be richer, bigger, bigger, more beautiful. Our environment has accustomed us to this search for perfection or at least something that goes beyond the norms. As men are a little bit susceptible, it must be admitted that it is normal that they want to be proud of what they have between their legs.

Is it possible to enlarge his penis?

The answer is yes ! There are ancestral techniques of stretching. Also called jelking, this method involves pulling on the penis to lengthen it. With contortions, mastery and a lot of patience, we manage to gain precious millimeters. Regarding plastic surgery operations, we advise you to read here our warning article on the subject. Finally, just like ancestral stretching techniques, men have invented a simple device that allows for much better results, in a much more controlled way. Many men then use penis extenders.

Which penis extender to choose?

We have tested several penis extender brands and obviously there are many on the market. They all have advantages and disadvantages. But we found that the material of the Male Edge brand was the best penis extender that exists. The brand has been on the market since 2008 and already offers second generation products. That is, they have been studied, redesigned and modified to better fit the needs of humans and their morphology. We suggest you to visit the site Shytobuy. We also advise you to start buying the Male Edge Basic model which is perfect for anyone who wants to start this method. It is a good compromise between the price, the quality and the results obtained.

Also, to have more confidence in yourself and become a real alpha male, we advise you to read this article that will teach you how to increase testosterone levels.

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