Penis extender: a solution to enlarge your penis – which one to choose?

Often the penis pump is the first thing men think about when they think about enlarging their penis. Yet, the most effective method is the penis extender. Many men hesitate when told to try the extensors, simply because the object can be scary. While there are no reasons! Here we will tell you everything about penis enlargers. How it works ? What are the results we can expect? Where to buy them and what are the different ones?

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What is the use of a penis extender?

quelle marque d'extenseur choisirThe question is not so stupid! Indeed, a stent is mainly used to lengthen the penis, but that’s not all. Some also use it to correct a curvature of the penis or the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. It is therefore the ideal device to ensure a lasting enlargement of the penis by exerting traction.

Denmark was the birthplace of the penis extender. Urologist Jørn Ege patented it in 1993. Today, 95% of the functional structure of extensors is identical to the basic model.

How does the penis extender work?

Extenders are fairly simple devices, despite what you might think. What is important in these devices is its robustness and comfort. These are important criteria when choosing a penis extender. But basically, how does it work and why is it the best way to enlarge his penis?

There is of course surgery to scrounge a few inches. But this painful and expensive method is not definitive. The results are not certain either. While the extensors allow to gain centimeters and keep them! On the other hand to get there, it is necessary to give the means and to keep the extensors long enough, each day. In general, it is advisable to keep the stent for 1 to 8 hours a day.

étirement du pénis division cellulaire

The expander works thanks to the principle of traction of the penis. Traction is the stretching that occurs on your penis and on the skin tissues. By stretching your sex little by little, we will see a biological reaction that is cytokinesis, cell division. In fact, stretching the cells will force them to divide, which will cause the appearance of additional skin tissue. That’s how the penis will grow. This process, which is completely natural, is painless. It is you who decides the traction force when adjusting the device.

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How to use a penis extender?

First of all, we advise you to always read the manual delivered with the expander. However, the use is simple. Look at the diagram below.

extenseur de pénis instructions

  • First, pass your penis through the plastic ring (number 1 on the picture) and thread it to the base of the penis.
  • Set the length of the metal bars (2) to the size that fits your penis. The glans must pass through the strap (3).
  • Put your glans in the strap (3) and tighten the strap behind the collar of your glans, to keep the glans sufficiently not to escape.
  • Finally, you can adjust the size and the pull on the penis, thanks to the small wheels (4). Stretch your penis to the maximum, without it hurts. You will get used to it!

agrandir sa queue avec un extenseur
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What are the disadvantages of a penis extender?

The biggest disadvantage is the place the camera takes. It can however be worn under loose clothing or even at night, which is more discreet.

Keep the device long enough each day.

By cons, the first results appear from the first weeks of use, so it will offset your expectations. You will see, your efforts will be quickly rewarded.

What are the true results of a penis extender?

The results vary from person to person and from one extensor brand to another. Nevertheless, there are still many results that are similar and that we can share with you. Anyone who has tried a stent will tell you how much the object has changed their life and the length of their penis.

After wearing the expander for two weeks, you will see that your penis will be longer, even at rest. And of course, even more erect. For considerable results, it is advisable to wear the minimum expander for 3 hours a day, every day.

Of course, the extensors do not work miracles. It means you have to wait at least a month or two to see a meaningful and permanent result.

résultats vrais extenseur de pénis

If you wear the extender seriously and conscientiously for a year, every day, at least 3 or 4 hours, here are the results you can expect. In one year, the penis will be 28% longer and 19% thicker.

This means that if your penis measures for example 12.7 centimeters initially, it will measure 16.2 centimeters after one year!

After 16 weeks (4 months), the penis will have grown by 9%. After 28 weeks (6 months), he will have gained 15%. There is 21% earned in 40 weeks (10 months), to reach 28% in one year.

What are the models of effective penis extenders?

On the market, there are many brands of penis extenders. We have set our sights on two different brands and we tell you why. There are Jes Extender and Male Edge. Each of these two brands obviously offer different models, depending on the price, the strength, the type of use and the profile of the consumer.

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If you do not have time to read our comparative article between the brands Jes Extender and Male Edge, we tell you right now, our preference is for the Extender. Why ? For the quality of materials and the seriousness of the brand. Jes Extender was invented by recognized Danish doctors. The brand also offers a range of high quality and patented products.

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