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Pearly penile papules on glans: how to remove them, treatment, danger

Pearly penile papules on glans: how to remove them, treatment, danger Posted on 6 August 20181 Comment

All men have a different penis. But it is not only the length of the penis and its width that are different. There may be a difference in color, curvature, hairiness, veins or asperities. Many men are complexed by the little pimples they have around the glans. This is called pearly penile papules of the glans or sub-balanic crown.

There are three different treatments for getting rid of penile papules. We detail the three methods of treatment below.

What is a papule on the glans?

This is a row of small pimples, like mini-skin growths that are often lined up around the glans collar. These excrescences are papules.

Look at an image here to diagnose and compare. Attention NSFW image.

What is a penile papule?

A penis papule is not dangerous and is not worrying despite its strange name. A papule is any small skin pimple (that can be anywhere on the body) and is full. That is, the papule is the opposite of a pustule. The pustule pierces and is filled with pus, while the papule is a pimple.

If the papules appear around or under the glans, it is called papule penis or papule penis. Papule means the button. The fact of having many buttons on the glans or under the glans, is called beaded crown.

How do papules appear on the glans?

The papules appear towards adolescence. At puberty the body of boys is transformed to reach gradually that of a man. This change is happening thanks to a surge of hormones. If the boy experiences a high sex hormone surge, there are papules that can appear. We also notice the appearance of beaded corona among men in their twenties or thirties. This is also a hormonal change, since hormones are regulated throughout life.

Do not confuse papules with condolymes or with Fordyce spots. Fordyce spots, like papules, are harmless and normal, while condolyms are benign genital lesions but are caused by the HPV virus, the papillomavirus.

Is the beaded crown dangerous?

General practitioners and urologists are used to seeing frightened men in their offices. Almost all men have papules on the glans, except that some are almost invisible, while others are very visible.

If the young man does not have a good knowledge of his body, he may be afraid to see the buttons on his glans. So he goes to see a doctor, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Papules are painless and harmless skin growths. Their appearance is also not due to a lack of hygiene, since we have just seen that it appears because of the sex hormones.

Although it is always more reassuring to consult a doctor, normally it is not necessary. The French Society of Dermatology evaluates the percentage of men with a beaded crown at 39%. Other American sources go so far as to say that 48% of men have some.

How to remove the papules and get rid of the beaded crown?

We warn you immediately, normally, do not touch the papules. As they are harmless, it is better to accept them. Unfortunately, in some men, papules are very present and this can be a source of complex, especially in the face of a new partner who associates this with a lack of hygiene. So there are three ways to get rid of it: natural method of removing papules, surgical treatment to remove penile papules and treatment with cream to remove papules.

Surgical procedure to remove papules from the penis

In extreme cases, it is possible to do conventional surgery or CO2 laser surgery to remove the papules. With a laser device, the surgeon comes to burn small growths.

Natural treatment to remove papules

This is a method not scientifically proven and that is more of the trick. But all the same, many men have arrived there, by dint of perseverance. The method can be slightly dangerous, in that the friction should not go to bleeding because the area is very sensitive. So be careful.

Some men put toothpaste around the glans and let it rest at night. It is obviously necessary to clean afterwards. Gradually the skin will dry out and be careful when removing small pieces of skin.

Cream treatment

There is 3P Gel Cream that is specifically designed to remove papules. Unfortunately, it is not sold in Europe, and it is not possible to get it over the Internet.

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