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What is the normal difference of size between soft and hard penis?

What is the normal difference of size between soft and hard penis? Posted on 3 August 2018Leave a comment

A very serious study has revealed the difference in average size between the soft penis size and the size of the erect penis. Of course, this is an average, since each penis is different. The flaccid size already differs from one person to another and the erect size also. So … the difference in size between the two varies as well. But all the same, an average exists!

The University of California conducted a study of 274 men and found that 74% of them were categorized as showers because their penis did not stretch more than 4 cm in erection.

We do not completely agree with the terminology used by this study. Not everyone is shower or grower. Unfortunately, those with a small penis do not fall into this categorization. If the term grower means that the penis grows significantly in proportion to the flaccid size, the term shower does not mean the opposite. This does not mean that the penis does not grow significantly in relation to the soft penis size. Shower means that you have a more endowed flaccid penis. Period. It does not matter if it grows a lot or a little. If he grows up a lot, we can be both shower and grower. If he grows up a little, he’s just a shower.

Although we do not completely agree with the terminology used in the study, it remains interesting. Here is how they use the words shower and grower, so we use them in this article in the same way. For them, Grower simply means that it is a penis that has a tendency to erect significantly in relation to its starting size. While a shower is a penis that has a small gap between flaccid size and erect size.

What is the difference in size between a flaccid penis and a hard penis?

  • The study found that 26% of men were growers. This 26% had an average height difference of 5.3 cm between flaccid size and erect size.
  • The 74% considered as showers grew on average 3.1 cm.

The average size of men considered growers was 15.5 cm in erection, while the showers were 13.1 cm. You will understand why we do not like the way they use the words shower and grower. Because if the average of “showers” have a penis of 13.1 cm in erection, we can not imagine the size when flaccid. Now, the term shower is normally used to describe men who are proud of their penis when soft. In short, we will not return to this point …

The study also reveals that men over 55 tend to be showers. This is obviously due to the fact that more have aged less erections are hard.

To carry out their study, the scientists first measured the flaccid penis size of 274 men. Then, they injected a substance that dilates the blood vessels at the base of the penis and spread porn to cause an erection.

Small penises grow bigger than big penises

The study also confirms the fact that men who have a smaller penis tend to grow proportionally more erect than others. For example, a man who has an 8 cm flaccid penis can have a 15 cm erect penis, which is a gain of 46.6%. While a man who already has a 15 cm flaccid penis is more likely to have a penis 18 or 20 cm. Even if it measures 20 cm in erection, it is only a gain of 25%. Hence the fact that a small penis is said to be more likely to grow than a large penis.

Men with big penises are more confident

The study also indicated that men with large penises tended to feel better about themselves and were more confident. “The study reports that men with larger penises have a better self-image, genital satisfaction and a higher sensation of their sexual skills,” writes the Journal of Impotence, which published the study’s findings.

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