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New study reveals that women prefer penis slightly larger than average

New study reveals that women prefer penis slightly larger than average Posted on 3 May 2018

There are different truths about the ideal size of the penis. There is what men think, what women think. Then what do women really think and what do men actually think? There is also the importance that women and men attach to size, according to the intended utility of the penis. Can not follow? Well, it’s simple. A woman who meets a man with a penis slightly smaller than average will be ready to go over this detail if she is in love, you start a family and all is well between you. On the other hand, if you are rather the guy of a meeting of a night, it is obvious that your penis will serve him rather of toy, and therefore, it will prefer that its toy is worth it. So, when we ask the question of the ideal size of the penis to a woman, she will answer what? In general, does it really matter to her? Or, she must give the ideal size, in the absolute, as if it were only important?

While this study focuses on penis women’s imagination and penis preference, another study has found that it is the true size of the penis to give women an orgasm.

A very serious study, joint between researchers from the University of California and the University of New Mexico, tried to find out that it was the ideal penis size for women. Seventy-five women aged 18 to 65 participated in this study. They had in front of them, 33 plastic penis models in 3D. The plastic penis were blue in color, so as not to influence them in choosing a penis of either color.

What is the ideal penis size according to women?

They simply had to designate which of the penis models seemed ideal for them. For a long-term companion, they designated a penis 16 cm long and 12.2 cm in circumference. On the other hand, when asked for the ideal size of the penis for a one-night stroke, they designated a slightly larger penis size: 16.3 centimeters for a circumference of 12.7 centimeters. Remember, it’s even bigger than the average penis size in the world.

taille du pénis pour faire jouir une femme

An unprecedented study on women’s appreciation of the penis

This is the first such accurate study. So far, the other studies of the genus have been done with 2D penises. That means that women chose among drawings, which does not give the same impression. Another study, that of Dr. Nicole Prause, an American psychophysiologist, revealed that 27% of women have already dropped a man because of the size of their penis. But beware, 7% of women left a man because he had a big penis, and 20% of women left a man because he had too small a penis.

If you think your penis is too small, it would be a shame to make you dump for your size. Even worse, it would be to miss all your shots one night because of a size that your partner might find too ridiculous. We advise you to consider buying a penis extender. It is the ideal object to gain some precious centimeters.

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