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Jes Extenders or Male Edge penis extenders ? reviews, results, which one to choose?

Jes Extenders or Male Edge penis extenders ? reviews, results, which one to choose? Posted on 7 May 20181 Comment

We were lucky to be able to try two brands of quality expanders. One is the Male Edge Expander and the other is the Jes Extender. We will go through both products and tell you which of them is our preference. If we chose these two brands it is of course for their quality, from the start.

If you are interested in penis enlargers, we advise you to read many of our articles on this subject. Although we will briefly summarize the operation of the extensors, several more detailed articles have been written. One article explains, for example, the medical functioning of the extensors, another compares the extensors to the penis pumps. In this article, we will focus primarily on the comparison between the two products.

Quickly, we recall that the penis expanders can save several centimeters in one year, thanks to an applied but safe work. After a few weeks, we can see some changes, but we have to wait two or three months for them to be significant and permanent. Today it is the best method in the world invented by Danish doctors. Penoplasty has its limits and penis pumps do not always offer permanent results. That’s why the expanders are perfect for men who want to gain inches.

The expander works thanks to the traction principle. By stretching the penis, the cells are stretched and forced to produce more tissue, thanks to the principle of cell division. The cells divide to fill this tension inflicted on the tissues. That’s how the penis can grow. The method has been patented in Denmark.

It is also in Denmark that you are taken for the first brand of extensors that we offer.

1. Why choose the extender of the brand Jes Extender?

For us, we will get right to the point, it is the best brand of extensors that exists on the market. Historically, this is one of the oldest brands on the market, which has spread this technology around the world. Jes Extender is a Danish brand developed by the Royal Danish Hospital in Copenhagen.

Our preference for this brand is due to its seriousness and the quality materials used to make the device. It is also the product that receives the most positive reviews when browsing the forums and read the comments of men who have already bought.

Some positive points that made us choose Jes Extender

  • 2 years warranty (5 years or life depending on model)
  • Solid and quality materials
  • Imagined and designed by doctors
  • Brand of origin and recognized

Which model of extenders Jes Extender to choose?

Jes Extender offers 6 different models. They are recognizable by their different metallic finish: Light, Original, Titanium, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

The light version is presented in a wooden box. It is true that this version is a little “light”, it is not for nothing that they chose this name. Honestly, we do not recommend this version, which is too close to the Male Edge brand below, and placed in second place in our ranking. So why buy a model manufactured by our number 1, which corresponds to the model does our number 2?

extenseur jes extender choisir un modèle

⇒ We advise you to buy Jes Extender Original if you are a beginner !

The warranty of the Light model is only 1 year. Original and Titanium models offer a 2 year warranty. As for the Silver model, the warranty is 5 years. If you opt for the Gold and Platinum models, there your extender Jes Extender is guaranteed for life!

The model Jes Extender Original is presented in a mahogany box. From this model, all models come with a key. In this way, the box can drag everywhere without attracting attention and no curious who will turn in your room or bathroom, can not open the box.

The difference between the Original model and the Titanium model is only in the box. The Original model offers a mahogany box, the Titanium model has an aluminum box. For the difference in price between these two, we advise you to take the cheapest … unless for you the material of the box to the importance.

The Silver and Gold models offer a considerable advantage, the presence of a cushion of protection. The Gold model also has an extra velcro strap and very useful spare parts kits. This time however, between Silver and Gold, we recommend the Gold model.

Finally, those who really want luxury luxury, there is the Platinum model that is sold in a lacquered wooden box, which has a lifetime warranty and includes all additional parts imaginable.

So what model of penis extender to buy?
If you are a beginner, from a value-for-money point of view, forget the light version that only serves to make you spend your money. Take the original Jes Extender. If you want something more powerful and of a higher level, we recommend the Gold version which offers many more options than the Silver version. As for the Platinum version, it is still very expensive and the added value compared to the Gold model is especially in the luxurious side of the box and the object. Up to you !

Where to buy a penis extender Jes Extender?
We offer you these links to buy them. Why ?

Because the Shytobuy site is an official seller of the brand and it avoids falling on full of scams and fraudulent sites. The site sends very discreet packages. The name of the sender that appears on the package and Comfort Click and therefore nobody can imagine what it is. The same code name appears in the bank statement, so as not to raise any suspicions.

The site offers delivery in 3 to 5 days, thanks to its partnerships with La Poste, UPS and Royal Mail.

⇒ We advise you to buy Jes Extender Original if you are a beginner !

Comments and reviews about Jes Extender

For you, we took the trouble to get feedback on male forums and specialized platforms. We have taken some comments that seemed relevant to help you get an idea. We decided to change the first names to guarantee the anonymity of some commentators. We imagine that you would not like us to show you like that. Some comments have even been sent to us directly, we transcribe them below! If it works for them, it will work for you and who knows, it will be your comment of thanks that will be here.

I had a penis of 12.5 cm .. I am a little over 15!

Last year, I lived a lot of things. I was someone who lacked confidence, I had a bad self-esteem because of my little penis and my obesity. Now, a year later, I lost 18 pounds of fat and my penis went from 12.5 cm to 15 cm. I started last year with an act that changed my life, because it allowed me to take control of myself. I started running (or walking) every day and bought a penis extender that I used 4-6 days a week for 5-8 hours each time. The results took a long time to arrive but gradually the people around me began to tell me that I was becoming more and more pleasant to meet.

– David, Leeds

I approach my goal

Hello, I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me. I had two problems: my penis and erections were not very hard. Thanks to the combined use of the penis pump and the penis extender, it works. I am still at the beginning of the enlargement process but I have already noticed an increase in size and width.

– Thomas, Brighton

The results are worthwhile

I can hardly explain how happy I am with the results obtained in 5 months (I gained 2 cm in length and 1.5 cm thick). That’s all since I used Jes Extender. At first it was difficult but I applied myself and I began to see progress over the months. I hope my message will encourage others and motivate them to continue … or to get started.

– Jeremy, Cardiff

2. Why did you name the Male Edge Expander in second place?

Male Edge may be in second place but it’s not bad. We were so happy with the Extender that he had to come in first place. But Male Edge is a good second, that is to say we had no trouble to designate it as such, far ahead of the number 3 or 4.

⇒ This article may interest you strongly! Julien P. agreed to try Male Edge for 6 months, and he documented the results of Male Edge here, with pictures. He wrote a long article giving his opinion on Male Edge, explaining the results he saw over the weeks, adding pictures before and after.

Male Edge products are patented and are designed to be worn for long periods of time, as it is recommended to wear a stent. The effects of Male Edge are also guaranteed. However, the manufacturer’s warranty is only 1 year, compared to the Extender.

Like the number 1, Male Edge works for all types of penis, whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised, large or small, thanks to the range of models that the brand offers.

The disadvantage of the brand is the plastic finishes. This is one of the points that made us look for second place, not the first.

Another advantage of the product is its price. That’s right, penis extenders are not cheap. But in addition, the difference between the different models of the same brand can really vary, while at Male Edge, there is little difference between the entry-level (Male Edge Basic) and the expensive version (Male Edge Pro ). We will explain these differences in the following paragraph.

What Male Edge models to choose?

Male Edge offers a model, considered for beginners, called Male Edge Basic, then there is Male Edge Extra. And if you feel comfortable with penis expanders, the brand advises you to buy Male Edge Pro. But in fact, what are the differences between the models?

extenseur de pénis différents modèles

The Male Edge Basic model is aptly named. It is especially its plastic finish that makes us hesitate on this model. We will be honest, between the three models, it is especially the quality of the straps and barrettes that differs, as well as the look. The Male Edge Extra model is a little more expensive but has a more filled case, with extra straps and stronger materials. The Pro version offers a much more elegant look and a box full of accessories. That’s why the difference in price between the two really makes us look for the expensive version that offers a lot of accessories and more quality.

Desired effects by men who use a penis extender

Where to buy the different models of the Male Edge Expander?

We advise you to buy Male Edge on the official website, by clicking on the link below. This will prevent you from falling on scams or sites and resellers who take a margin on the sale.

⇒ The Male Edge model that we recommend: Male Edge Pro

Learn more about penis enlargers

If you want to know more about the extension of the penis with a stent, we suggest you to go on the general page of this method: The extensors – A solution to enlarge his penis.

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