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Jes Extender Results: 6 Months Review – Before and After Pictures

Jes Extender Results: 6 Months Review – Before and After Pictures Posted on 12 August 20185 Comments

For 6 months, we gave Roman the opportunity to write this article on the blog. We suggest you to read Roman’s review of Jes Extender. For those who do not know the Extender, this is one of the leading brands of penis extenders. As for Roman, it is a young man of 28 years old who agreed to share with us his experience with Jes Extender. This article documents precisely the entire stretch of enlargement of Roman’s penis, from the first day to the sixth month. In fact, we had left to follow him for 3 months, then he was so motivated to continue that we extended the experience until the sixth month. This is one of the rare articles on the Internet that details the whole process, accompanied by photos!

“I tried Jes Extender for 6 months”: photos, results, reviews, my progress

Hello, I’m Roman. I am a little stressed but also excited to start documenting my experience with Jes Extender. I chose this brand of penis extender because it seemed to me that it was the brand that came back the most on the Internet. I wanted to share with you my progress in photos. I will do my best to update this article most often, adding photos and describing the results obtained with the penis extender Jes Extender.

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When I started using Jes Extender …

At the time of writing this paragraph, I have just finished my first week of using Jes Extender. That way, you can already see what I think after a week.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning. Before I use the extender. First of all, what is a penis extender? It’s a device attached to the penis. It must be placed at the base of the penis, and tie the end around the glans. Between the end placed on the base of the penis and the other end attached to the glans, there are small removable rods that hold them. The longer the stems are stretched, the longer the penis is stretched. Throughout the weeks, the distance between the two ends will increase, and therefore it means that the penis will have already grown.

So, it’s time to wear it for the first time! The first time, I carried the extender for an hour, and I set the voltage to 1200 g. It was comfortable enough. After an hour, I have already a little forced to stretch a little more.

At the very beginning, before starting, my sex measured 8.9 cm soft

As I begin, I preferred to play safe and not put too much tension. I keep 1200 g of tension for a week or two, so I can get used to it. I decided to wear it for 2 hours every day.

⇝ Size of my soft penis at first : 8.9 centimeters

⇝ Size of my erect penis at first: 14.8 centimeters

My erect penis before using Jes Extender: test start

I decided to enlarge my penis because I am quite complexed. I know my penis is about average in penis size, but still … I feel like I would feel better if he was taller. I do not want to be judged on my choice.

Results after one week

For the moment, I do not have much to say. I see that my penis hangs a little more when he is not erect. There is no change to the erect size at the moment. I noticed that my erections were harder. I do not know if it was planned, but hey, I’m not going to complain.

I wake up with the morning cudgel and she stays longer. My wife has also noticed and she does not complain … you know what I mean!

I have not measured the circumference yet, but I noticed that my dick was a little thicker and it seems to weigh more heavily. For the moment, I only wear the extender for two hours a day because I do not want my wife to notice it. I think I’ll tell him when my tail really has changed and I can not hide it anymore.

I also think that I will eventually wear the extender when I go outside but not for the moment. I still have to progress but I want to do it at my own pace.

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Results Jes Extender after 3 weeks

The first week, I waited until the end of the week to give you my report because I did not know if it would be worth doing it. As I had results, I decided to change my method of documenting my progress. Now, I will do it as I go. But now, I’ve been wearing the extendor for two and a half weeks. I went to 3 hours a day. It’s not a lot, but I do not have time to wear it any longer.

I tried to wear it too when I went outside. I put on some loose pants and I wore a pair of comfortable underpants and put on the extender that I carried along my leg. That way we could not see it.

I tried to wear it up too, but I find it better down, passing through one leg of my underpants. It’s a little more embarrassing when you sit down.

I sat a little awkwardly and my friends asked me what I had. I said that I had done too much sport and that suddenly I was in pain and I had to stand oddly.

I also wanted to point out that I have never tried other methods of penis enlargement. So these results are 100% the ones I obtained using only the extender Jes Extender. I want these results to be totally real.

I have to say that I’m impatient, because when going to do some research on the Internet, I read that we could hope for a gain that would make me reach 16.2 centimeters in three months. Fingers crossed !

In fact, if I reach that size, I’ll be sure it works. My goal is to reach about 18 centimeters in erection. It seems to me to be a good size. Well, if it works, I may think to continue and why not have 19 centimeters. We’ll see 😉

Yesterday, I had a little problem with the extender. I noticed that the comfort rubber slipped and did not hold the base of the penis well. So I thought about changing it (there are 4 in the box). But finally, I cleaned it and it removed the dirt etc., so it worked again after. All the better.

Update: Before I forgot, I wanted to say that it was really starting to be comfortable. We really get used to wearing it and now I went to 3 hours a day, during a session at 1200 g of tension.

Results of Jes Extender after a month

Sorry guys, I’ve been busy enough with my work, so I take a little time to write. I did not have the time either to increase the time of my sessions. So I always wear my extender for 2 hours and a half, 3 hours every day.

I wanted to wear it for 4 hours but every time I come back from work I am tired and I do not have enough time to wear it. And I do not have the courage to carry the extender to work. Finally, I did it two or three days, but not more.

I get better and better to sit down. Let’s say that my way of hiding it is more and more natural.

Week 5 – I increase the tension

Even though I only wear penis extender for 2 to 3 hours a day, I decided to increase the tension. I went from 1200 g to 1500 g. And I also hope to finally have the time to wear it longer. When I wear it with so much tension, I can stretch my penis more than 16 centimeters. I dream that he reaches this size without shooting.

Since I have increased the tension, I feel a little more than that pulls. It’s not really embarrassing, it’s a different feeling. I understand that it works even more than when I was at 1200 g. Every time I see my penis stretched when I wear the camera it makes me dream. I so want to get there.

During the next two to three weeks, I will stay the course and not focus too much on the gain in centimeters. I will also a little space my writing. My goal is to get good results for the second month.

Results after 2 months

That’s it, I persevered and I have already arrived there. Nevertheless I am a little disappointed with myself because I wanted to wear it 4 hours a day but I did not have time. So I wore it for 2 or 3 hours, as before. For the third month, this is the goal that I set myself!

To be honest, since we arrive at the time of the first assessment, I used the stretcher every day, with the exception of 4 days on the two months. I was unable these days to wear it.

So, at the level of sensations, I feel that my cock is heavier. My feeling in my hand is much more pleasant. I feel that there is a change. My wife did not make any remark to me but I am sure she noticed that it was bigger or at least, that I was using it with more confidence.

I already gained 1.3 centimeters in 2 months

Here are my results after two months. I must say that the change is clearly visible. I did not expect to see that. It seems that at the beginning it’s quite obvious because the penis gets used to spreading and therefore it is more flexible and long. I wonder what will happen to me after three months!

⇝ Size of my soft penis: 10.2 cm (⇗ + 1.3 cm)

⇝ Size of my erect penis: 15.6 cm (⇗ + 0.6 cm)

My penis is bigger by a few millimeters

So I gained 1.3 cm in just two months, for my flaccid size. That’s a gain of 14%. And erect I gained 0.6 cm, it’s already that … That’s + 5% erection. For this result, which is still a bit too weak (but encouraging), I am more motivated than ever to move forward and continue the experiment.

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Beyond the eighth week

Motivated by these first results, I chose to go thoroughly. I am ready to have the penis of my dreams. So I make an effort to carry the extender 4 hours a day. I managed to stick to it for two to three weeks after my second month. I am proud of myself.

Now, when I measure my penis when it is stretched in the extender, it reaches 17.5 centimeters, it works.

I also put the tension on 2600 g. I know it’s a lot. I read somewhere that we should not do the same. But I feel the need to do it and especially, I feel that my body supports it. I read that people were hurting and all .. But maybe they were using another brand of extender. For my part, I feel that it’s ok.

As I noticed that my penis had grown and grown up, I also bought oil and lubricant to avoid stretch marks. I bought two extra wide pants so I could wear the extender too at work. It allows me to wear it for 4 hours.

Well, that’s it … my wife made a comment on my cock. When she gave me a blowjob the other day, she told me for the first time that I had a nice cock. She had never told me anything like that before. And I must say that if to make me happy she told me that I had a big cock, it would have annoyed me, because I’m lucid. I know she would have said it to please me. This time, just the fact that she makes a comment on it, it showed me that there was change. So I told him about my little secret. She was intrigued but seeing the result, she understood and even encouraged me to continue.

So, I can wear the Extender at home, without having to hide. All that makes me hold myself to carry the extender 4 hours a day. And having his support also encouraged me to continue.

Big results after 3 months of Jes Extender

I continued my routine like this until the third month. And I am very proud of myself. You’ll see for yourself, with the pictures I put here online, the result is pretty good. As a reminder, I had a penis that I found too small when soft. I have always been a shower and I wanted to grow. I think in 3 months, it’s already done! If the flaccid results were super awesome for the first two months. I feel like I won little between the 2nd and the 3rd month.

After having grown well the first two months, the soft effect stagnates

In erection, there is still work to do, but against I’m happy with the impressive gain in erection between the 2nd and 3rd month. In the first two months I had only gained 5% in erection. This time I won 15%.

⇝ Size of my soft penis after 3 months: 10.5 cm (⇗ + 1.6 cm)

⇝ Size of my erect penis after 3 months: 17.0 cm (⇗ + 2.2 cm)

I continued the experience so the results motivated me!

Between the 2nd and 3rd months, the size of my erect penis takes off

I normally had to wear the Extender for 3 months. But as the results were so impressive, I took a liking to it. And most importantly, I did not achieve my goal in erection. So I asked permission to continue posting here my results in photos. I will go up to 6 months. By writing here, it also motivates me to progress and do it seriously. It even seems that after that becomes easier. Feel free to encourage me in the comments. Tell me also where you are in the experience!

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Results of the 4th month with Jes Extender

For the second salvage of three months, I decided in the fourth month to increase the tension even more since now my penis is used to be stretched. But I did not change the tension a lot and so I do not want to stagnate.

I’ve noticed in recent days that my penis has also swollen, it’s bigger and bigger. I’m happy to win in thickness too. Since I’m not a doctor, I do not know exactly how to explain what’s happening to me, but basically what counts is the result. In addition, I feel that my body saw it well.

There, I feel myself to become another man. I am much more confident and it makes me strange to no longer consider myself a guy who has a small penis. I changed my habits. For example, I dare go to the urinals without hiding. What’s good is that it’s progressive, so I have a little time to get used to it.

It’s been 4 months that I use the Extender and I am totally satisfied. You think I’m a shower now that my penis is 13.5 centimeters?

And what does my wife think of my new big penis?

Since I told her I was using a penis extender and she lets me do my experiments, I really gained in centimeters. It gives me more confidence and she loves my new sex. We make love a lot more often. Not only because now I want to use what I have between my legs, but also because all this has made me harder. So I can do it several times a day.

I feel that my penis is very heavy and I can show myself in the showers and in the locker room without embarrassment

It even happened to me to have a little pain in the penis. It must be a way my body has to express that it’s time to rest. My orgasms are much more intense too. I sometimes try to control myself because I want to grow small grunts so it feels good. The other day I wanted to cum on my wife’s breasts and the spray ended on the wall. I almost feel like a porn star, it’s great as a sensation.

⇝ Size of my soft penis: 13.5 cm (⇗ + 4.6 cm)

⇝ Size of my erect penis: 17.9 cm (⇗ + 3.1 cm)

Good progress and veins appear

I feel that I am becoming powerful and that my sex is above average. I like it ! I notice that my cock is veined. Veins appeared when soft as in erection. With a beautiful penis of 17.9 cm I feel very good and I feel that my wife loves to feel when my penis goes into it. I said 17.9 cm because I want to be the most honest with you, but in the background, I know we can say 18 cm;)

From the 16th week until the end of the 5th month!

During this fifth month, I preferred to continue as in month 4. I found a good routine and I continue to make progress. However, I have broken a silicone seal that serves to hold the device at the base of the penis. Fortunately, there are 4 in the box, so I changed it. In addition, it is written in the manual that if we reach the end of four, just ask that the firm sends us new free.

Final assessment: 6 months Jes Extender results

I finally approach the 6 months that I had set. I wanted to thank you for all your kind messages that I received during this half-year. It pushed me to continue and especially I’m proud of the compliments I read about my penis. I have the impression of having a tail worthy of a real man. It feels good ! I leave you with my latest statistics so you can see the change for yourself.

I now have a big veiny soft cock veined and proud to feel powerful

If I have only one piece of advice, it is daring to make this investment. Me, it changed my life. It put aside frustrations that I had always had. I feel more comfortable in my body, more comfortable with my wife and it is not something that trots in my head

⇝ Size of my soft penis: 14.5 cm (⇗ + 5.6 cm)

⇝ Size of my erect penis: 18.9 cm (⇗ + 4.1 cm)

I have a penis of almost 19 centimeters after 6 months! I feel like a porn star

So I still gained a centimeter when flaccid and an erect centimeter between month 4 and month 6. I went from almost 9 centimeters initially, to 14.5 centimeters six months later. It seems long all this time, but on the scale of a life it’s nothing.

By winning more than 4 centimeters in erection I am already very happy. Yet this gain is not yet spectacular. Indeed, a medical study on penis extensors indicated that on average men made a 32% gain in erection, using a penis extender. Me, I’m around that, but still below. I am at 28% of gain. If I were in statistics I should have a penis of 19.5 centimeters. So, if you are already impressed by my story, you should know that it is even below what is normal.

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I’m so happy to have a large heavy penis now