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How to get a veiny penis: Make the veins of your penis bigger

How to get a veiny penis: Make the veins of your penis bigger Posted on 29 August 2018Leave a comment

We have already written several articles about the veins of the penis. We talked about it from a medical point of view, we wanted to know if having a veiny penis was normal and we tried to reassure men about it. This time, it’s not about judging your desire to have a veiny penis, it is assumed that it is your choice and we want to help you have the penis that you want. If your desire is to have a dick full of veins, we explain honestly how to get there.

Why want to have a veiny penis?

Men who want a veiny penis often find it more aesthetic or manly. It’s like having veins running through your biceps. For some men it means power. Also, as the veins play an important role in the blood flow during erections, having visible veins on the penis also gives the impression of having very hard erections. Other men want to have big veins on the penis because they like how it feels when you touch it. Indeed, to the touch, the impression of a smooth penis or a veiny penis is different. All these reasons are that perhaps you too want to have veins more visible on the penis.

There are several methods that can allow you to see the veins on your penis. First, you have to be honest, some men are more likely than others to get them. Some have natural veins, it only takes a little work to make them even more visible. While in others, they are almost invisible. Unfortunately, we can not go against genetics. Also, some men have a particular vein that stands out, it is the long vein that runs through the top of the penis.

How to have more veins on the penis?

Most of the techniques used to bring out the veins are mechanical. The techniques we are going to talk about should be considered additively. That is to say, there is not a miracle solution that will give you an overnight result. It is advisable to use several methods at once to multiply the chances of doing so and also to speed up the process.

  • Cockring

The cockring is placed at the base of the penis and will maintain a blood pressure in the penis. The penis ring is often used to help maintain an erection. You will see that your veins will swell. Obviously, when the ring is removed, the penis deflates and after one hour, it has returned to its normal state of rest. However (and this also applies to the penis pump), if you do this every day, after several weeks, several months, you will see that by dint of inflating and forcing the extreme swelling of the veins, they will eventually to be bigger naturally.

  • The penis pump

meilleure pompe à pénisThere are two types of penis pumps. There is the air pump and the water pump. These two types of vacuum pumps operate in much the same way. The penis is inserted into a cylinder and the vacuum is evacuated with a pump. Except that the water pump fills with water first and it is the water which is evacuated and which causes the aspiration. (This article will help you understand the difference between a water or air penis pump).

Note that penis pump users often use a cockring as well, as this results in a better result.

pompe à pénis bathmate agrandir son pénisOnce again, the effects of the penis pump fade in minutes or hours after use. But again, it is remembered, it is by using the pump for several weeks that your penis will get used to inflating blood in an unusual way. By force, you will realize that the penis will get used and will fill more and more blood. Which means that the veins will be swollen more and more. After a few months, you will notice that even in the natural state the veins will be more apparent.

⇒ If you are interested in air pumps, we recommend the Handsome Up pump.

⇒ If you are interested in water pumps, we recommend the Bathmate Hercules pump, which is a classic.

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  • Penis stretching

grosses veines apparentes à la vergeIn addition to using a penis extender to stretch your penis, we advise you to practice the famous jelqing method. This word is used to designate all the penis stretches that are practiced on a daily basis. Most often, men practice jelqing in the shower. It is necessary to realize various gestures which make it possible to stretch the penis and to massage it at the same time.

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The most useful movement, to add to your jelqing routine, is to make a ring with your fingers. Make the OK sign with your fingers (that is, place your index finger on your thumb) and drag this “OK” up and down the penis. The principle is to simulate a kind of tourniquet. Always practice jelqing on a penis at rest or in semi-erection.

  • Food supplements

Athletes who want to have a better vascularized also swallow dietary supplements. These help to better circulate the blood in the body. Nitric oxide (also known as nitric oxide) is an important vasodilator. If you find a food supplement in a sports store, which increases the nitric oxide rate, you can also buy it. Arginine and citrulline are also worth considering.

Among the natural extracts, there are in particular beetroot and pomegranate which have a role of vasodilator.

  • Drink water

Water is obviously very useful for thinning the blood. Athletes who drink a lot of water see the volume of their veins increase. Stay hydrated!

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