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Hemorrhoids: Treatments to relieve pain and soothe itching

Hemorrhoids: Treatments to relieve pain and soothe itching Posted on 18 August 2018Leave a comment

Hemorrhoidal disease or hemorrhoidal pathology is often referred to simply as hemorrhoids. It is an internal or external swelling of the rectal veins. There are several mechanical or medical causes of hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The list of all that causes hemorrhoids could be very long, because there are medical causes and mechanical causes. That is to say, there are medical predispositions or health concerns that can cause a hemorrhoids crisis and there are activities that favor them. For example, old age, pregnancy or constipation are medical causes that cause hemorrhoids. While intense sport, sodomy or defecation are mechanical causes that can cause hemorrhoids.

The consumption of certain foods such as coffee or alcohol also promotes the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatments

Hemorrhoids can be treated in different ways. It also depends on the severity of the seizures. Some may have thromboses, others experience recurrent seizures, while for some, they have hemorrhoids very rarely.


It is better to favor foods rich in fiber that soften the stool. Eat cereals, dried fruits or legumes.

Remember to drink a lot of water!

Drugs to treat hemorrhoids

Oral medications are often drugs that include a laxative and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Most often, drugs used to treat hemorrhoids apply locally as a cream or ointment.

  • Ultraproct
Ultraproct is an effective prescription drug

We wrote an entire article about Ultraproct, the drug that treats hemorrhoids. The anti-hemorrhoidal cream mainly includes a corticosteroid and anesthetic. The cream helps to soothe the pain and stop the scratches in the anus.

In 15 minutes, Ultraproct acts and calms pains for a duration of one to 3 hours. After this time, the cream must be applied again.

This treatment exists in the form of ointment or suppositories.

This is a real medicine. It is therefore issued only under prescription.

  • Anugesic

Anugesic is another medicine that has the same properties as the Ultraproct. It relieves itching and stops seizures thanks to its anesthetic properties.

This medicine is only sold as a prescription ointment or suppository.

It is up to the doctor to choose whether to prescribe Ultraproct or Anugesic.

Non-prescription natural treatments

If hemorrhoids are not too common and you think you do not have to deal with a drug, there are ointments that can relieve them. These ointments and food supplements are sold without a prescription.

The HemaPRO brand mainly sells two effective products to relieve hemorrhoidal pain. His pills are sold in boxes of 60 capsules. These are capsules that promote transit, digestion and circulation through natural ingredients such as barley seed, vitamins E and B, pectin and arginine.

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traitement naturel contre les hémorroïdes
HemaPRO can be bought in capsules or cream

HemaPro Ointment protects, moisturizes, calms and revitalizes. It should be applied to hemorrhoids and aole vera extract helps hydrate the area. This ointment includes vitamin E, witch hazel, calendula or chamomile.

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