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How to have sex several times a day! Having a second erection after an orgasm

How to have sex several times a day! Having a second erection after an orgasm Posted on 10 October 2018Leave a comment

Many men feel frustrated at not being able to satisfy their partner because of the difference in the time it takes a man to enjoy and that of a woman. Often, to make a woman enjoy, men end up with their fingers or leave their partner to fend for themselves. Yet all men would like to assure and say that they are able to have a new erection and put the cover back.

If men are unable to have a second erection after cumming, it is because of the refractory period. It is this phenomenon that happens just after having enjoyed. Man produces hormones of well-being and satisfaction, which prevent him from being aroused again and to get a boner directly. All this is also a question of testosterone. We tell you everything!

How long does it take to get a new erection?

Unfortunately, answering this question is difficult because you know it better than us. It depends on everyone, and age. As the refractory period depends on your hormones and your testosterone, this period of time increases with age, since hormonal imbalance occurs with age. A 50-year-old man produces testosterone less quickly than a 20-year-old man.

For example, in a young man of 20 years, the refractory period is 2 to 15 minutes, while for a man of 40, he must wait 1 to 2 hours before having an erection again after doing the love. And when you’re 70 years old, you have to wait 24 hours before having sex again. That’s why mechanically, without viagra, without any help, a man of 70 years without erection problems makes maximum love 7 times a week.

What is the refractory period?

The refractory period in physiology is the moment immediately preceding the activity of a nerve or a muscle. After intense activity, the muscle ignores any stimulation, then after a while, we start a second phase, which is the recovery phase during which the muscle regains sensitivity but is still weak.

For sex, it’s pretty much the same thing. Except that the mechanism is different. The refractory period refers to the length of time between two periods of sexual activity. Put another way and simply, it’s the time it takes for your penis to get hard again.

Is it impossible to get hard again after an orgasm?

Knowing why we lose our erection after sex is the same as asking ourselves what causes this refractory period. The main causes are two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin is a hormone that like testosterone plays a role on the libido. This hormone is produced in quantity when reaching orgasm. Its role is to provide a feeling of well-being and a bliss. We can thank that hormone! Except that our body is so tired, that it kills the effect of arousal that causes testosterone. Oxytocin is a neuropeptide that is a bit like the magic wand that makes you fall in love. It also gives a feeling of confidence, rest, zenitude and love.

We do not say that love is bad and that to be sexually active you must not be in love. Besides, love is not only due to these two hormones, but the high presence of these hormones after orgasm induces the body to feel good. You are no longer looking for something else. Simply, you are not arroused.

How to decrease the refractory period?

The basic answer is very simple: you have to increase your testosterone level. The longer answer is also to have a much healthier lifestyle: quit smoking, drinking, playing sports, eating balance.

  • Testosterone cure

For the testosterone level, fortunately, there are solutions. Just take a course of testosterone supplements. These natural capsules are studied to increase the rate of testosterone, which obviously allows to band faster. This is why a teenager or a young man has a much shorter rest period. This is because it is at its peak of testosterone production. Unfortunately, the testosterone level decreases with age.

produit pour avoir plus de testostérone⇒ We advise you to start a TestRX cure!

It also contains many vitamins such as B6 or vitamin D. But that’s not all! You will understand with the following point why it is advisable to buy this product.

  • Cure of vitamins and dietary supplements

Again, for vitamins there is a solution. Zinc is very good for sexual performance, especially to increase sperm production. Some vitamins help maintain muscle shape and tone.

⇒ We told you to buy TestRX because it is twice a solution to the problem of testosterone.

In addition to having all the natural components to increase testosterone, it includes many vitamins and dietary supplements. There is magnesium, zinc, D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, vitamin K2, B6 and D.

  • Improve your lifestyle

For the other points, there is no cure, it’s up to you to make an effort. Eating fat is bad for the body and being overweight has destructive effects on sexuality. Eating too much sugar can have inhibitory effects on the excitement. The cigarette is very bad for sexual performance. If you are used to watching porn frequently, reduce the dose a little. Porn has a negative effect on long-term sexual arousal.

Reducing stress is obviously very important. Everyone knows that when you’re stressed you can have trouble to have a boner. Try to find a way to reduce stress, relieve tension, think of something else.

Eat products rich in nitric oxide (NO). These are nitrates that are found in a series of foods and that promote the influx of blood. Since the penis is full of blood and erection is possible because of cavernous bodies that are filling with blood, it is wise to find a way to improve the flow of blood. Citrulline, arginine and nitrates promote the production of nitric oxide. The rich foods are watermelon, rhubarb, beets, spinach and celery.

  • Avoid too much tenderness

As we have seen, we already produce enough hormones that make us feel good and soothed. In fact, everything is done so that we look at each other with love and sweetness. Unfortunately, this behavior also indicates to our body that it has had its dose of sex. So to avoid falling into too much romance that would cut the carnal desire for sex, do your best to stay in an atmosphere more sexual than romantic.

For example, do not stay in bed doing cute hugs. Do not get into burning statements. Jump from bed, try to think of things that excite you. See your partner as a fantasy and not as the loving person who makes your heart beat. Yes … it’s easier said than done!

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