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I thought I was a good lay but girls kept dumping me because of my penis size… How I changed it

I thought I was a good lay but girls kept dumping me because of my penis size… How I changed it Posted on 13 August 20181 Comment

My name is Romain, I’m 29 years old and I’m a soccer coach in Nantes. I practice soccer and a bit rugby but I like all team sports and even combat sports, like boxing. Today, I am married and I’d like to have a child with my wife. I recently wrote a long article on this blog, in which I detailed all my transformation. I have long been ashamed of the size of my penis and I used a penis extender to enlarge it. This is the transformation discussed in my review of Jes Extender. I added lots of pictures to see the change and I noted all my findings as a logbook. If you want to know more about me, I also answered an interview about my big dick journey. I thank again this blog for allowing me to express myself several times (and again in this article).

When the complexes about my penis started …

Since I was a teenager and during puberty I had noticed that I did not have a very big penis. I could see that some friends already had larger and longer penises than me, when they changed in the locker room at school. Growing up, of course I watched porn and read articles on the Internet. And I realized that my penis was even slightly above the average penis size in the world. But as those are statistics, there are obviously all the micro-penises and the tiny penises that lower the average number. And then, no matter the averages, basically what’s important is what you feel. And me, I always had the impression that I had a small penis. As I am very sporty, I also had the opportunity, as an adult to take a look at the penises of my friends in the locker rooms and it is true that I was among the smallest. I remind you that I had a soft penis of 8.9 centimeters. I was far from being a shower … but I was not a grower either, since it was 14.8 cm in erection. Besides, I’m a pretty self confident guy. I am more of a leader and my friends see me as a nice guy, open, confident and quite successful. (Now I’m married …) but before, I was kind of a player. Until the day I really realized that the size of my penis was a problem. To quickly put in context, I explain where I was in my life. I had entered the law school in Vannes. We were at the end of the first year, and I had made new friends during that year. We had lived on a campus for a year and we really had strong bonds because we went out together at night, we went to classes together during the day and we played sports together during our free time. So we decided to go together to the Costa Brava, during the summer holidays, after our first year exams.

The event that embarrassed me a lot…

I was 20 years old and it was 8 years ago. We were a good group of about ten friends from the university and we flirted a lot. Among these friends, there were girls and in a few hours, “couples” had formed. We have more or less all laid since the first day. But I, the girl with whom I had slept preferred to stop our relationship, the day after our first night together. She did not want to tell me why. She said she liked me but that she did not want anything serious and that now that we had done it, there was no particular reason to stay together. I rather agreed with her, ok we weren’t obliged to extend our relationship after the holidays, but why stopping it right now? We could have at least kept to sleep together and flirt the time of the trip. The day after our breakup, I found myself very stupid.

She broke up with me … but I agreed

That day, I spent a little closer to the group of friends, who they had not found girls either. But in the evening, when I saw that the girl was hitting on Louis, one of my friends, I was a little bit less cheerful. Of course, she was allowed to do it and I did not feel anything for her. I just thought my friend was lucky because she was quite sexy. That night, they slept together and me… I slept alone.

complexé comparaison pénis ami
Julien on the right (blue speedo) and Louis on the center (gray speedo) during their holidays on the Costa Brava

The next day, we all planned to meet on the beach and as we had made the habit of doing the previous days, we began the day by teasing and kidding. We could see friends coming back from their bed room, hand in hand. Others come back on their own. Or others who totally assumed to be just sex friends and showed no sign of affection for each other. Then we joked asking for juicy details on the night. It was childish. That day, when my friend Louis arrived hand in hand with the girl I had slept with the day before, I felt bad in my stomach. I was not really jealous, only I realized that she had not been honest with me. One day she tells me that once she slept with a guy, she did what she had to do and it was over .. and the next day, after sleeping with another, she comes all smiling and hand in hand … like a couple. My rather cold reaction did not go unnoticed. My friend Jerome told me to tease me: “I know someone who’s not happy”. I tried to look good and play it relaxed. But I must say that inside I was boiling. Of course, once the breach is opened, everyone goes there. They insisted and asked lots of questions to Louis but especially to the girl. “What’s it like sleeping with a guy and then with one of his friends the next day?” She did not seem annoyed by the question because she knew it was for fun, and most importantly, she had an uninhibited sexuality. She was open with her taste for lovers in holidays. But I still felt embarrassed to answer. And I understood that if she was embarrassed, it was not to upset me.

“Well… who’s got the biggest one?”

Until someone asks the big question: “Well, who’s got the biggest one?” I did not know where to look at. And her, she starts laughing. And there, my friend Louis, very proud of himself said: “Sorry Julien … but I think the answer is quite obvious”.

Everyone laughed. The girl did not want to go too far and said: “It’s ok, stop … you do not know anything”. I know he is my friend and he did not want to hurt me. Of course, it wanted to boast a bit, then everyone around insisted on that. Then he said: “Of course I know something about it, I remind you that Julien and I take our showers together at the sport, I see him naked all the time and, oh Ju, sorry … but we cannot say that he’s particularly well-hung”.

The others laughed and I, foolishly replied: “Thank you Louis … Anyway, what you do not know is when I’m hard it’s something else!” It would have been better if I simply shut up. Louis continues: “Well, anyway, she told me yesterday that she was happy to have sex with a real guy … When I told her that she had slept with you yesterday, she said it did not really matter because she did not feel anything. ” When pronouncing this words, he understood that he had gone too far and had hurt me. The girl nudged him to stop and he tried to nuance saying, “Oh, it’s ok, I’m kidding.”

My friends understood my embarrassment and they moved, asking another couple to tell the details of their night. I felt bad all day. I saw that Louis felt bad about this story too. But what really pissed me off was that I knew he was right and most importantly, I understood that the girl had a really bad moment with me because she only waited one day to repeat it. Even though I knew I had a rather small penis, I always had confidence and I always had a lot of girls. I stayed several months with some and I never thought they had left me because of my penis size. Throughout the day, I thought too much and thought of my ex and girls with whom I slept with. I imagined that many of them must have thought the same thing. I didn’t know that girls were also interested into the guys’ cocks? I realized that penis size matters to women. I had the confirmation in the days that followed.

The girl kept looking at the bulge in Louis’ speedo. She had suggestive looks to him so he could understand that she was craving for his penis. He said quiet discreetly: “Stop!”. I have to admit that Louis is very well-hung. I knew it because we took our showers together. But it was the first time we went on vacation together, and I did not imagine he was going to wear a tight speedo to show off his cock. But he knew he had a third arm in his pants, so I understand why he wanted to show it. Of course, it’s easy for him to have a slutty girl with his big bulge that catches the attention.

After the holidays, my relationship with my friend Louis changed

After those holidays, every time I played sports with Louis I was a little uncomfortable. I always did my best to take my shower just before him. Or, on the contrary, I went to the bathroom while he was in the shower, so I could take it just after he finished it. And if we were together anyway, I kept myself a little away and turning him back all the time. Just thinking about the fact that he thinks I have a small penis made me feel uncomfortable. When I stopped law school after two years, we lost sight of each other. He continued in the law sector,  and I started studying to become a sports teacher. The small penis complex came back from time to time. But by changing clubs and meeting other people, it’s like starting from scratch. The showers were also less open, so I tried to be a little more discreet. I also had girls with whom I felt they had had a good time. So I forgot that moment of shame that happened with people I did not see any more, anyway. I had made myself a reason. I told myself that there were all sizes, that in addition to that, my penis was even slightly larger than the average French penis size. So, I just made myself a reason, thinking that I do not have a huge penis but that a lot of men were in my case. In addition, I met my wife. She did not seem bothered by the size of my dick. Though, every time I watched a porn movie I saw the huge cock of the actor and it frustrated me. Until the day I saw an advertisement for a penis extender and I looked at it. I bought an extender of the best known brand and I wanted to try, without really believing it.

You can buy Jes Extender here!

The rest, you know it, I explained it extensively in my opinion article on Jes Extender. I detailed it all my journey during six months. I posted before and after pictures to show how I went from an 8.9 cm flaccid penis to a 14.5 cm penis. And how erect, I went from 14.8 to 18.9 centimeters.

Read the Jes Extender review of Romain with pictures !

petit pénis vs gros pénis agrandir son pénis
I’m happy to have a big penis now

I was recently tempted to reconnect with Louis. Now that I feel better in my body, I also want to boast. I want to change the image he has of me in his memories. I contacted him on Facebook. He seemed happy to hear news again. We quickly exchanged some messages. He told me that he was still single, that he worked as a lawyer in Bordeaux and that he was still doing sports. He told me he was playing tennis now. I jumped at the chance to tell him that I would like to hit the ball together. We’ll see each other next Friday to play a match together. I must admit that the moment I’m waiting the most is to be together in the locker room and in the showers. I want him to see my almost 15 flaccid penis. For erection, he’ll never know…

Read the transformation diary with penis extender held by Romain!

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