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Dark penis: pigmentation problem, how to lighten the color of the penis?

Dark penis: pigmentation problem, how to lighten the color of the penis? Posted on 26 August 2018Leave a comment

It is problem of which few men dare to speak. Often men are hung up by the size of their penis, the shape of their penis or erection problems, but there is another concern that men encounter: the pigmentation of the penis.

Many men wonder if it is normal to have a darker penis and why the color of the penis is different from the color of their skin on the rest of the body. In this article, we will answer all these questions and also propose a solution, by presenting different products that serve to lighten the skin.

Why do I have darker penises?

Some ask us the question and tell us about tanning penis or tanned penis. We will speak rather of a penis more pigmented or with strong pigmentation. Tanning and pigmentation are of course linked, but in this case, it is not mandatory to naturism and therefore expose his sex to the sun to have the penis dark. All of this to say that unfortunately, you can hide your sun penis as much as you want, it may be dark even if it has not been exposed to the sun. That’s why we talk about a pigmented penis and not a tanned penis.

The genitals, as well as the armpits, anus or nipples may be more tanned than the rest of the body. This difference in color occurs mostly from puberty. It depends on the intake of sex hormones, that is to say, testosterone in humans. The color of the skin depends on the melanin level in the skin. Melanin itself is produced by cells called melanocytes. As for melanocytes, their activity is controlled by sex hormones, so testosterone.

In women, the sex hormones are estrogen. To illustrate this phenomenon, just look at pregnant women. During their pregnancy, their sex hormone levels increase and we observe the darkening of several areas of the body, such as the color of the nipples and sometimes some women even see brown lines appear on their stomachs. Another example is hair. Many children have light or blond hair and growing up, when sex hormones become more present in the body, their hair turns brown.

It’s exactly the same thing that happens in the male genitals. If you have the brown penis, it is because you have experienced a surge of male sex hormones (testosterone) relatively important, causing greater activity of melanocytes, resulting in a higher pigmentation because the melanin is more important.

What to do when your penis is darker than the rest of your body?

The answer to this question depends on you, in fact. Normally, medically speaking it is no problem to have the penis darker than the rest of the body. It’s more a question of aesthetics.

Some people find it ugly or weird to have a pigmented penis. Some men have already told us that they felt like they had a black penis on a white body and that it was a problem for them. Also, in some pigmentation is not evenly distributed. These men therefore have pigmentation spots that they may find unsightly.

If you want to lighten the penis or remove the pigmentation spots on the penis, there are solutions.

How to bleach the penis or remove penis pigmentation spots? Solutions!

There are several lightening creams. They exist in several intensities and several brands. We will present here two different creams, you choose the one you want to try.

  • Star White Cream
blanc avec un pénis de noir
Cream to have a lighter penis in a few weeks

The cream of the brand Star White is the cheapest, that’s why we present it to you first. It helps to clear up the complexion of the skin and it allows to have a clear skin in a few weeks. This cream is ideal because it can be applied on sensitive areas like the penis.

Star White cream is only made of natural ingredients and therefore has no side effects.

Buy Star White cream here!

  • Makari cream

This brand is well known and costs a little more than the first. Makari offers a whole range of products. There is Makari cream or Makari gel. Then there is also the range Exclusive or Extreme.

pénis pigmentation couleur foncée
Makari gel or cream to reduce penis pigmentation spots

For starters we advise you to try either Makari Extreme Cream or Makari Extreme Gel. And if you wish, it is possible to buy the whole range Makari Extreme. The products of the Exclusive range are more expensive, but nothing prevents you to try them later.

Makari cream is famous because it contains carrot oil and argan oil. By applying it daily, it removes stains and reduces the effect of dark skin. It is therefore recommended rather to men who do not have a uniform pigmentation of the penis.

Is it dangerous to have the penis tanned?

In principle, having the dark penis is not a medical problem. Color spots can, however, alert other problems. If your penis is not uniformly brown and is a stain, it may just be pigmentation spots, as explained above. So do not panic. But if these spots are melanomas and it becomes even bulky, then you have to go to a doctor or urologist. This can be a precursor to cancer.

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