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What is the average penis size soft and hard? Real numbers by country

What is the average penis size soft and hard? Real numbers by country Posted on 28 April 20188 Comments

The question is more than frequently asked. Almost all men have already wanted to know that she was the size of their penis, and most importantly, to reassure themselves by wanting to know if they were average. As the penis is perceived as the organ of virility, men all dream of being able to say that they are even more virile than others. In this article, we will finally give you the true penis size flaccid and in erection. The information will be as detailed as possible.

Sites often publish partial numbers or from unreliable surveys or studies by condom brands. But we have chosen the figures for a very serious and exhaustive study that serves as a real reference in the scientific community.

femme compare la taille de la queueYou will finally know the true size of the penis. What is the average size of the soft penis? The average size in erection? And what is the average penis size in France? What is the size of the penis in Europe or in the world? Are there big differences between ethnic groups? Are blacks really better hung than whites? We tell you everything!

You will finally know if you have a small penis or a medium sized penis. Perhaps you are even above the French average! If you’re wondering if you’re a shower or a grower, you may finally have an answer element.

Where do the results come from?

To best answer this question, we decided to choose the figures published by Richard Edwards, a Canadian who has embarked on the study of penis size. There is obviously a multitude of studies and results. Most give very close results. And it’s rather reassuring. We chose the figures from Richard Edwards, which he published as The Definitive Penis Size Survey, because the results are very detailed. Unlike other studies, Richard is totally independent and is not influenced by any industry. In addition, its methodology is very reliable. The questions put to the people who have studied are precise and detailed. We present below a summary of its results.

The methodology used

More than 2540 male individuals participated in the study. This is more than the majority of all size studies conducted by condom brands or some academics. The panel is very diverse, with 18-year-old men and walled men participating. In addition, the origin of each individual and their ethnicity counts.

How to measure his penis?

As well to understand the results as to compare the average size of the penis with yours, you have to know how to measure your penis properly. There is a standard, both medical and scientific, for establishing penis size. Some cheat when they take the measure. To scientifically calculate the size of the penis, the penis must be parallel to the ground. It means that the penis must form a right angle with your belly.

Stand up, and rest your penis in your hand, so that it is straight in front of you, even if you are soft. Then you have to take a hard rule. Taking a soft ruler or a tape measure would be cheating. Because the meter adapts to the curves and this saves millimeters. Then place the ruler against the pubis, pressing lightly. Attention, slightly! If you are a little chubby, you have the right to a little press to feel that the rule touches the bone. Again, nothing serves to cheat, you would only lie to yourself. If we say that we have the right to support a little, it is to give the true measure of your penis, because it may be that a part is a little hidden by your beads. To summarize, normally, at that time, your hard rule should be laid on your penis held at right angles. At the end of the rule, your size appears. If you want to take the measure in erection. Do the same thing. Except that normally you do not need to hold the penis at a right angle, since it is already there. It may still be that you do not have a 90 degree erection (if your penis hangs a little or on the contrary goes up to the belly), in this case, help you with one hand to place it at right angles .

The real numbers of penis size in the world

The average penis size in the world is:

  • Flaccid: 8.63 cm
  • Erection: 16, 15 cm

Note that the average circumference of the erect penis is 12.76 cm. The circumference is the turn of the penis, which can be measured by wrapping a tape measure around the middle of the penis. If you confuse the diameter with the circumference, we advise you to read this article which explains how to measure the diameter of the penis.

The size of the penis by ethnicity

This study reveals that blacks are not necessarily better hung than whites. In reality, they mostly have a bigger soft penis. It is this observation that has fueled many fantasies. As we have been able to explain in the article that talks about the difference between a penis and a penis shower, the perception of men towards their peers plays an important role. In the end, it is by dint of seeing blacks better mounted in the showers or in the locker room that the myth is cultivated. In addition, the pornographic industry chooses black actors very well hung so that it matches the fantasy sought by the viewer.

To avoid having to complicate the notion of white men, the study speaks of Caucasians. Under this term are taken all men of European origin (just like the current Americans and Canadians are also from Europe).

Here is the size of the erect penis according to the origin:

  • Asian: 13.97 cm
  • Hispanic: 14.99 cm
  • Black: 15,50 cm
  • Caucasian: 16.51 cm

Therefore, blacks have a penis of 15.5 cm on average in erection, against 16.51 cm for Caucasians. Nevertheless, black people have a penis of 9.38 cm when soft, against 8.77 centimeters for white people.

Perception of penis size

Do men have a correct perception of the size of their limb? The study also asked subjects to assess the size of their erect penis. After measuring their sex, they were asked if they thought they had a small penis, an average penis, or a large penis.

  • Small: 15.15 cm
  • Normal: 16.18 cm
  • Large: 18.11 cm

This means that men think that below 15 centimeters, they have a small penis. Around 16 centimeters, the size of the erect penis seems normal to them. And according to their perception, having a penis of 18 centimeters is considered big. Are they right? In view of what we said above, they are quite right. The average size of the penis in the world being 16.16 centimeters, they evaluated themselves correctly.

carte de la taille moyenne du pénis dans le monde


Classement Pays Centimètres
1 République du Congo 17.93
2 Rép. démocrat. du Congo 17.33
3 Ghana 17.31
4 Equateur 17.11
5 Colombie 17.03
= Venezuela 17.03
 7 Liban 16.82
8 Cameroun 16.67
9 Islande 16.51
10 Soudan 16.47
11 Jamaïque 16.30
12 Panama 16.27
13 Nicaragua 16.26
14 Benin 16.20
15 Brésil 16.10
16 Pérou 16.03
17 Porto Rico 16.01
= Haïti 16.01
19 Géorgie 16.00
20 République dominicaine 15.99
21 Burkina Faso 15.89
 = République tchèque 15.89
= Danemark 15.89
= Sénégal 15.89
25 Gambie 15.88
26 Pays-Bas 15.87
27 Belgique 15.85
28 Zambie 15.78
29 Bélize 15.75
30 Italie 15.74
31 Angola 15.73
32 Egypte 15.69
33 Zimbabwe 15.68
34 Bosnie 15.67
35 Hongrie 15.61
36 Paraguay 15.53
37 Nigeria 15.50
38 Tchad 15.39
39 Cuba 15.29
= Afrique du Sud 15.29
41 Pakistan 15.25
42 Côte d’Ivoire 15.22
43 Slovaquie 15.21
44 Uruguay 15.14
45 Slovénie 15.13
46 Mexique 15.10
47 Palestine 15.08
48 Maroc 15.03
49 Bulgarie 15.02
50 Tunisie 15.01
= Costa Rica 15.01
52 Honduras 15.00
53 Argentine 14.88
= Salvador 14.88
= Suède 14.88
56 Serbie 14.87
57 Croatie 14.77
58 Albanie 14.73
= Grèce 14.73
60 Surinam 14.67
61 Bielorussie 14.63
62 Chili 14.59
63 Iran 14.55
= Irak 14.55
65 Allemagne 14.48
66 Eritrée 14.39
67 Israël 14.38
68 Suisse 14.35
69 Norvège 14.34
70 Pologne 14.29
71 Algérie 14.19
72 Autriche 14.16
73 Turquie 14.11
74 Cap Vert 14.05
75 Nouvelle-Zélande 13.99
76 Macédoine 13.98
= Ukraine 13.98
78 Royaume-Uni 13.97
79 Canada 13.92
80 Groënland 13.87
81 Espagne 13.85
82 Arabie saoudite 13.80
83 Estonie 13.78
= Finlande 13.78
85 Libye 13.74
86 Azerbaïdjan 13.72
87 Afghanistan 13.69
88 Ethiopie 13.53
= France 13.53
90 Turkménistan 13.48
91 Australie 13.31
92 Arménie 13.22
93 Russie 13.21
94 Portugal 13.19
95 USA 12.90
96 Irlande 12.78
97 Mongolie 12.77
98 Roumanie 12.73
99 Yémen 12.72
100 Corée du Nord 11.71
= Corée du Sud 11.71
102 Indonésie 11.67
103 Singapour 11.53
104 Malaisie 11.49
105 Vietnam 11.47
106 Bangladesh 11.20
107 Hong Kong 11.19
108 Japon 10.92
109 Chine 10.89
= Sri Lanka 10.89
= Philippines 10.89
112 Taïwan 10.78
113 Indie 10.24
114 Thaïlande 10.16
115 Cambodge 10.04

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