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Average penis size at 20 years old! The real and genuine numbers!

Average penis size at 20 years old! The real and genuine numbers! Posted on 13 October 2018Leave a comment

Men are often concerned by the average penis size issue, regardless of age. Men are often ashamed because they think they have a too small soft penis or a small hard penis. They compare themselves in showers and locker rooms with their friends and when they are hard, they compare themselves to the porn actors they see in the movies while they masturbate. Of course, it brings frustrations.

The Truth: What is the average size of the penis?

In this article, we talk about the average penis size at 20 because we answer the question of Michael who contacted us about it. Michael is 20 years old and wanted to know if the size of his penis was average. He tells us that his sex is 14.3 cm in erection.

The average penis size in the world is 15 cm in erection and 8.5 cm soft. Asians have a penis of nearly 14 cm in erection, 15 cm for Hispanics, and for Blacks and Caucasians, between 15 and 16 cm. In reality, there is no official measurement. It depends on the study, the way the study is conducted, the number of participants, and the conditions under which the measurements were taken.

What can be said with certainty is that a hard penis is about 13 to 19 cm. Below 13 cm, we can consider that the penis is small. Above 19 cm, we can say that penis is big.

How big is the penis at 20?

To answer Michael about the average penis size at 20, it’s very simple. From the age of 18, the penis has finished growing … or almost. Theoretically, it can still grow a little between 18 and 20 or 21 years old, but we are talking here about 1 or 2 millimeters! The penis grows and develops thanks to the hormonal thrust during puberty, which usually ends around 17 or 18 years old. And with age, it tends to shrink a little bit. This is due to the stiffness of certain ligaments and parts of the body that retract, but again, we speak of a difference of only 1 centimeter, in the most noticeable cases.

So, Michael, the average penis size at 20 is the same as it is 18, 25 or 35 years. The average is between 14 and 16 cm and below 13 cm, it is small. Your penis is 14.3 cm which means that you are in the low average.

How to enlarge his penis?

Michael, if you want to be part of the high average, from 14 to 16 or 17 cm, there are different techniques to enlarge your penis. The most used technique is the penis extender. There is also the penis pump which is both pleasant and effective.

How does penis size change with age?

Men who have a micropenis have a penis that is 7 cm or less in erection. This pathology is noticed very early, because the penis is already smaller than average at birth. A baby is born with a penis of 4 cm, when stretched (which corresponds to the equivalent of the state of erection). If his penis is smaller than 2.5 cm, we already know that in adulthood he will have a micropenis.

Puberty begins at 11-12 or 13 years old and lasts until 17 or 18 years old. As we said before, from the age of 18, the penis hardly grows anymore. It reaches its final size.

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