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Am I a grower or a shower and how to change it? Is it possible to become a shower?

Am I a grower or a shower and how to change it? Is it possible to become a shower? Posted on 28 April 20183 Comments

If you are rather embarrassed to go naked to the shower at the gym and if going to the urinals of a bar makes you anxious, it probably means that you are a grower. If you are used to receive compliments on your penis in the locker room or you feel insistent glances at your tight-fitting speedo at the pool, then you’re probably a shower. What does that mean exactly? How do I know if I’m a shower or a grower? Can I be both a shower and a grower? Is it better to be one or the other? What can I do to become a shower? We will answer many questions and many points will be discussed, such as the usefulness of being well hung, why want to be well hung, is it important to be well hung? …

Why do men want to have a big penis?

Before talking about the main subject, it is important to understand this. When it comes to talking about the penis and related complexes, there is room for discussion. Men want to be proud of their penis because they consider it a proof of virility. And virility refers to our animal moment that has accustomed us that males are considered strong, powerful and that women are attracted by these men who have all the attributes of virility. That’s why, in our society of excess, having a large or big penis is what all men dream.

The two states of the penis: flaccid and hard

Well, you should have noticed that your shaft has two states: soft or hard. Of course, there are all sorts of intermediate stages between soft and erect like semi-flaccid or semi-erect. Normally erection takes place in only two cases. As a reflex of protection, you can be hard when you have a urge to urinate. By inflating your corpus spongiosum, the urethra channel is flattened and, in principle, it avoids disasters. (You will have noticed that it is almost impossible to urinate in erection). This defense reflex is used during the famous “morning erection”, to avoid having an accident during the night. And of course, the second cause of erection is arousal. This excitation may be mechanical, so due to a voluntary friction or not. Or an excitation perhaps of the order of the fantasy, that is to say mental or visual. During sexual intercourse or masturbation, this excitement is both mechanical (when your partner or you are touching yourself or rubbing) and mental (you are excited by the other or by a porn movie you watch ).

What does shower and grower mean?

Here we are, finally into the subject! The question is what are the terms shower and grower. If we had to formulate the question differently, it would be: are you at your advantage flaccid or erect? You will have notice the double meaning of the terms. “Shower” refers to the verb “to show”, a kind of exhibitionist if we push the thought to the end, as in the expression “show off”. Whereas “grower” means “to gro”. But you “shower” can also mean simply “a shower (bath)”. And yes, the shower/grower issue is often linked to the famous shower complex. This is the complex that causes men to be afraid to be naked in the shower with other men. And why ? Because they are ashamed of their attributes. Here we are.

Is it more important to be well hung soft or in erection?

And here, you understand all that we wanted to tell you in the first paragraphs. Because not only is it important to ask if our penis looks better in erection or soft, but in addition, the question behind is: why should there be a stage that looks better than the other one? What’s the purpose of having a big penis in one case or the other? Why worrying about having a big soft penis?

Well, the answers really depend on what you do with your penis and what you think of the others. Because in the end, this is the real point of this question. It all depends on the eyes of others, their judgment, what they think of you, the image you send back. Most men think that what matters is to have a big erect sex, because that’s where it’s the most useful. In principle, it is also erect that we see it most often. Since the majority of people do not wander naked in the street, so the only time we see them naked is when they have sex with their partner.

Wanting to have an large soft penis is a normal desire

This is not completely true, it is not only your partner who will judge your penis! To give just a few examples, men see other men naked in locker rooms, urinals, showers or partys. Even without being totally naked, we can also guess if you are well hung just by looking at your bulge or underwear. And most importantly, you know it! You know what you have in your pants! Even if no one sees you naked, you know that what’s in your briefs is not very flattering. So, there is also the self-confidence that counts. Knowing that we a big penis gives us confidence (because of the image that it reflects of yourself, as explained above). Finally, we can also say that being flaccid is our natural state. It is the one in which we are all day long. So, it is normal to want to have a big flaccid penis, since this state is your natural state.

Is it better to be a shower or a grower ?

To know if it is more interesting to be a shower or a grower is a good question. But the answer depends on you. Again, it’s the same as asking if you find it is more interesting to be well hung soft or erect. But, here you can ask yourself: what are we talking about? Of course, all men are better hung in erection, since literally, the penis erect. So the penis grows, the penis gets bigger. Yes, but when we say “well hung”, we mean “proportionally to the average at the same stage”. So, “are you well hung soft compared to other men soft” or “are you better hung than average men when they are erect? “. We will come back soon to that question.

Men who have a real hang-up about their penis size are generally grower

First, I would like to answer that question. Is it better to be a shower or a grower? We will not lie to each other. Most men who have a real hang-up about their penis are generally grower. It means that if you are not confident about your penis, in general it is that your penis is rather small soft but rather ok in erection.

Why do men want to be a shower?

This means that men like to compare their penis. Because in fact, the erect size of course has importance. But basically, when we are in action, we go, no matter the size. In addition your partner does not have a penis, so she must be satisfied with what you have. Maybe it’s dark in the room, maybe it’s an after party so you are both a little drunk. Maybe she has not seen a lot of penis in her life and especially, she has no other comparison in front of the eyes or on hand. So, in bed, you are the man, even if you are not Rocco Siffredi, what you have between the legs will be enough for her.

Whereas on the contrary, we men, have seen many penises. The state of the penis when soft, is the state you are most often confronted with. And then, there are the other men. We would even dare to say that erection is for your partner and soft state is for the other men. Unfortunately, the flaccid stage is the one on which the gaze of other men arises, so there are elements of comparison. That’s why the majority of men dream of being a shower.

What size does it take to be considered as a shower?

Once again, the answer will depend on you, your expectations. And that answer will itself be influenced by what society has taught you. If you consider that a 10 cm penis when soft is average and you are above, you are in luck. But if you find yourself among a group of men who all have a penis of 15 centimeters soft, you will be complexed to be the only one to have a penis of 13 centimeters. To know exactly the average size of the soft penis, a very detailed article on the subject has been written. We advise you to read this article on the average size of the flaccid penis, we give all the statistics. There is a ranking of average penis size by country.

Can we be both a shower and a grower?

The answer is yes. Just as you can be neither shower nor grower. To summarize, there are four types of men

  • Man shower and grower (XL)
  • Man only shower (L)
  • Man only grower (M)
  • Man neither shower nor grower (S)

The four types of men have been listed in the order of the most hung to the least hung. Or the one who is most proud of the size of his penis in all circumstances, to the one who is ashamed of the size of his penis in any circumstance. Between the two extremes, there are those who are embarrassed by the size of their penis in one or the other circumstance. To make things easier, XL, L, M, and S were given to these categories of men. It helps to better understand what we are going to explain.

So, the XL man has a penis which is large soft and erect. It can therefore be considered that he has an XL penis. He can show himself in the locker room without shame and he is proud to show his erect penis to his partners.

The L man is a man whose penis size is in the intermediates of our classification. This is a special case. He can be both proud of his penis and sometimes a little ashamed. But not necessarily … As he is a shower, it means that he considers to be better hung soft than the average. But is he necessarily ashamed of his erect size? No not necessarily. Generally, if you are already well hung soft, it is because in erection you are not very small either. Take the case of a man who has a penis of 15 centimeters soft, this size can already be considered above the average of other men around him. If we imagine that in erection his penis grows only one centimeter, it will measure 16. Even with 16 centimeters, it has nothing to be ashamed of, since the average varies between 14 and 17 centimeters in erection. (See our article on penis size in the world). Especially in this example, it takes only one centimeter hard, which is rather rare. What we want to show is that it can be large soft, and even if in erection he does not have a monster penis, he may be in the middle or just above . But in general, it does not have anything to be ashamed either, in both states.

M man… this name fits him well. In fact, he has a M penis, as in the word “medium”. That is to say, he has, like the majority of men, a hard penis rather big and a rather normal soft penis. But since this type of man is also between the two extremes, it means that this case itself includes many intermediate stages. Thus, a M man can have a very large erect penis and a very small soft penis. (Even if it’s rather rare) Or he has a normal flaccid penis and normal hard penis too. He may also have a normal soft penis and a large hard penis. Or have a small soft penis and a little larger hard penis than the average. But it is also the multitude of possible cases that make him an average man. Because the average is that. It’s finding a certain middle between multiple cases. Basically, if you’re not in the extreme, you’re in the middle.

The S man is the easiest to explain. He’s considered to have a small soft penis and a small erect penis. His shame is deep and he would be willing to do anything to become a shower or a grower, no matter which one, as long as his penis becomes large in either case.

Can we become a grower? How to have a big soft penis?

We will finish this article by trying to find a solution for these M and S men, who are actually the ones who are the most ashamed. Those one are the one who read this article, they want to have a big soft penis, since the others already have a big penis, they do not try to improve their size.

The answer is yes and no. We will be clear, it is not possible to do miracles. A man who has a penis of 8 centimeters soft, can not have one of 17 centimeters. We will still be reassuring, it is nevertheless possible to make it grow a little, and help him. He can possibly hope, in his case, to reach 12 or 13 centimeters.

There are several methods to enlarge his penis. This article is not intended to go into the details of each method. Just know that there are ways to expand your penis, enlarge your penis, stretch your penis, but also to damage it. There are scams, there are honest solutions, painful solutions and simpler solutions. And then, we can also assume!

To quickly list the solutions that exist, there is the radical solution of surgery. Penoplasty is penile surgery. For this, there is a two-step operation. The first operation makes it possible to gain one or two centimeters in length by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis (but after that your erections won’t be at 90 degrees anymore). The second operation is to take fat (in thighs or bottock) and reinject this fat under the skin of the penis. The first operation serves to gain in length, the second in width. Note that these operations, besides being painful have other disadvantages. Once the ligament is cut you can not go back. By cons, for the second operation, once the fat placed under the skin of the penis, it is not final. The operation is absorbed over time. In three years, you should start again. Because the body absorbs fat and divides it where it should be normally. And yes, we do not lie with genetics! In addition, during this period of resorption, fat is sometimes unevenly distributed under the skin, and there are therefore irregularities that you wan feel when you touch it. Another important point, the aspect of the penis is a little different, since we are not used to find fat in this place.

Then there are the penis extenders. The method is simple and it imitates the ancestral technique of jelking. To caricature, by dint of pulling gradually, it eventually grows. Say that, it’s exaggerated and too simplistic. But here too, several articles on penis extensors have been written about their functioning. Several marks of extensors were compared and the jelking was explained in detail. If you are already convinced that this is what you need, we avoid you to read all those articles, and we give you the link to the best brand of penis expanders. We advise you to start, buy here the basic Jes Extender.

In this regard, we have written an article that may interest you. Julien has agreed to take pictures of the evolution Male Edge. He wore the device for 6 months and shared his results with us.

Finally, there are a multitude of products that grow the penis or claim it. Here either, we are not here to discuss it. We have written a multitude of articles on this subject. We tested pills to enlarge the penis, we compared the brands and we discussed their effectiveness. We advise you to make your opinion for yourself by going to the site of this manufacturer of pills to improve your sexual performance, or read one of our articles on the subject.