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30 characteristics of a real alpha male and how to become one

30 characteristics of a real alpha male and how to become one Posted on 2 May 2018

All men would like to be alpha males. What is an alpha male and how to become an alpha male? You are given the 30 characteristics of an alpha male. There are good sides to them and darker sides. Are you ready to become an alpha male? Let’s go !

There are different types of men in the world, but Alpha males are coming out of the pack. They stand out from others and are above others. (That’s what they think and what they release).

In fact, an alpha male is mostly enigmatic and charismatic. It imposes respect and intimidates women but also men who admire or fear it.

All men dream of being or becoming an alpha male. But only a few men will be able to claim it.

males alpha qui sont-ils devenir alpha

What is an alpha male?

In the animal kingdom, the alpha male of a pack is the male individual who is the strongest, the most courageous, the most robust.

In the human world, the alpha male is much more than that!

To put it simply, the alpha male is a man who has a thirst for survival even stronger than the others. He wants to live his life fully and reach his dreams and goals even more than others. And he will put everything in place to get there. It is this determinism, sometimes to the detriment of others, that will give him this aggressiveness.

Human evolution has made men sissy

If there is one thing evolution has taught us, it is this faculty to be relatively cowardly. We have learned to have a stable, safe and orderly life. This stability is like an instinct that allows us to survive and live longer. If we study well, if we find a woman, if we earn money peacefully, we paid for his house, we paid for his car, we assured his descendants … then we risk nothing. We were formatted to want stable lives, because that’s true, it helps to ensure security. But it is also this way of thinking that has destroyed the alpha male instinct in humans.

The alpha male is anything but stable. He dodges constantly to trace his path. He is willing to make significant sacrifices to survive, without resting or stabilizing himself. In reality, the alpha male does not know how to survive, he knows how to live.

The 20 characteristics of an alpha male

All men can not become alpha males, even if they try. It takes more than just one lesson to get there. Some men confuse everything. They think it’s a question of testosterone, pheromones and masculine attributes. A little, it’s true that the physical matter, but it’s mostly a question of attitude and how to use his physique and his mind. Whoever knows how to do that, will impose his presence and respect, only by what he releases.

It is true that it is tempting to want to be an alpha male. Because most women are attracted to men who are not cold-eyed. This does not mean that these men are more in pairs than others … on the contrary. Their independent and seductive side makes them good girls hunters, but establishing a lasting relationship is something else.

  • His strength. An alpha male is strong. Even if he is muscular, he is not necessarily a thick brute. It is rather his mental strength that allows him to put pressure on people.
  • His leadership character. The alpha male is always the leader. But he does not try to be, he is instinctively, and in all circumstances.
  • His desire to win. He wants to win all the time. He will do everything possible to achieve what he wants. He always wants to be the last man to stay standing.
  • His ambition. The alpha male is a great dreamer and he has a lot of ambition. He sees things big and has more ideas in seconds than anyone else.
  • His competitive spirit. The alpha male is extremely competitive. And of course, he takes pleasure in winning a lot against his rivals.
  • His charisma He is charismatic, but he is not necessarily a seducer. That’s all his power. He seduces a lot, without making any effort. He inspires the people he meets and people adhere to his dreams and ideas.
  • His taste for challenges. He never says no to a challenge. In fact, he is always looking for new challenges to face.
  • He has confidence in him. The alpha male is not afraid of whites in conversations or silences, because nothing makes him nervous. He is extremely confident and needs no one to approve what he thinks or does.
  • The non-respect of the rules. He does not respect the rules. It is he who makes his own way according to his desires. He goes where he sees an opportunity and achieves his ends by his own means.
  • He inspires. An alpha male inspires others, so that women are attracted to him, but men also envy him. All men want to become an alpha male like him. He’s a role model for men who often either hate or envy him.
  • His ingenuity. He is clever, whether resourceful or knowledgeable.
  • He is optimistic. He’s perspiring optimism. He is very optimistic and is convinced to always do the right thing at the right time.
  • His protective instinct is keen. He has an extremely developed protective instinct. He is alert to everything that’s going on around him. He is always on his guard.
  • He is a calculator. An alpha male has a plan and a goal in his head. He knows what he’s doing and it’s straight to the point. He can be pitiless and his calculating mind helps him move forward.
  • He is selfish. His ego prevents him from being touched by the opinion of others. He does not care what people think of him because he feels above others.
  • His unifying side. He brings people together, but of course he federates them around him. Men or women, he manages to make them adopt his vision of things.
  • His taste for risk. Some might call him a burnt head. He calls this life. The alpha male loves to take risks, especially when he thinks that this risk-taking will be favorable to him.
  • His determinism and his will. An alpha male focuses on his ideas. His determination helps him to advance even in adversity.
  • He traces his destiny. An alpha male writes his own destiny, he traces his own path. He does not believe in destiny, he thinks he can take his life in his hands. All events that happen to him in life are the results of his own actions.
  • Its reliability. The alpha male finds solutions. We can trust him because he is a hard worker. He works tirelessly and is a quality that makes him someone you can count on.

Alpha male with 10 darker traits

  • His arrogance. People who often have a lot of self-confidence, are often so arrogant. Of course, they do not show that side right away.
  • His extreme rivalry. The desire to always win the alpha male can turn into rivalry. As in a death match, the alpha male rushes into the flaws of the opponent and likes to challenge him.
  • He is a perfectionist. The alpha male is a perfectionist. But so does all the people around him. And since nobody is perfect, others may seem disappointing to him. He is intractable about the weaknesses of others.
  • He is stubborn. It’s a real mule head. When he believes deeply in something, he can go all the way to the end, even if he is completely wrong.
  • His intense perseverance. He does not always realize that he sometimes has to let go of the case. He is so sure of his abilities. He may come to the end of his quest, but the path can sometimes be rough for him.
  • He is ruthless. All those who try to get on his way, he eliminates or crushes them without mercy.
  • He is very dominant. The alpha male can be very dominant, to the point that others may fear or be embarrassed by his behavior.
  • He does not apologize. An alpha male does not feel remorse, he does not apologize, since he is always right.
  • He likes pressure. He flourishes under pressure. He likes that. Even if the pressure can hurt his morale or hurt his family, he continues to live a dangerous life.